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 I've loved books since I learned to read.  Worked my way through the Nancy Drew series(of course!), Trixie Belden and just about every other book in my elementary school's library.  In fact, I remember in the 4th grade a librarian wouldn't let me check out a book because she thought it would be "too difficult" of a read for me...thankfully my teacher set her straight and I got to check that book out!

I was (and am) such a reader that I even had to have something to read at the table for breakfast or lunch (probably dinner if I could have)... so even the cereal boxes in my house were reading material!  As I got older this progressed to the one handed eating, while holding a book or the propping the books open and up with whatever was handy.

I loved the summer which meant trips to the public library, as well as their annual reading contest... how I loved filling out form after form of books each summer.  And when I moved from the "kids library" to the "upstairs library" I was in heaven all over again!

By middle school and high school I plowed through book after book, genre after genre.  If it was fiction, I read it.  The only common theme was that the main character had to be female.  After all, reading was (and still is) my escape from the world and how could I put myself in the main character's shoes if the lead character was a male!  Believe it or not, I was in my mid-twenties before I finally picked up a book with a male lead character... perhaps because I'd read everything else!

I'm still a big reader but one thing has changed.  The actual books that is.  I've owned a Kindle for almost 4 years and I have to say I will never go back.  I was afraid I wouldn't like reading on the screen but nope, it's just like a book page (the e-ink technology style)... I was afraid I would miss the actual books... nope, apparently my favorite part of books is actually the READING... And the best part?  The absolute, hands down, best part?  I ALWAYS have a book to read and if I don't, I can get a new one instantly!  I carry my Kindle with me everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.  Oh, and the second best part?  No more propping the books up with my stapler and holding down the pages with one hand while I eat lunch... heaven, folks, heaven.

When we moved to Red Gate Farm 8 1/2 years ago, I came with boxes and boxes of books that I'd collected over the years.  Hard backs and paper backs.  Our prior house had a big set of built in bookcases that my husband built for me... here, not only no bookcases but more importantly no ROOM for bookcases.  After I realized how much I love my Kindle, I made the decision to give away almost all of my book collection... keeping just children's books, some of my favorites and a few that had inscriptions.

Lately I've come across a new reason to collect books... vintage books that is.  I had a few old Nancy Drews as well as a few books I've picked up here or there.  I started using them more in decorating... to add height or color in a spot.  My local thrift store usually has a few vintage books but sometimes the price is a bit high...

However a couple of weeks ago I hit a jackpot of $1.00 books!  For just $6.00 I picked my favorites...

This one is a favorite because of the art deco or perhaps arts and crafts design on the front.

And the pages!  This book has literally fallen apart, but I love the loose pages!  I may even bundle this up with a bit of ribbon...  Wouldn't this book in it's browns and tans be fun for Thanksgiving and fall?

Orange was a theme as well... I'm always looking for anything orange and black that I might be able to use for Halloween... even if it is NOT Halloween in theme.  These 3 books will be out for the month of October for sure.

But the all time favorite of the bunch?  Well it's this one... orange and black and titled "Lazybones"... doesn't get more Halloween than this!

 So my small collection of vintage books is growing... As you can see I pick by price, color and title... for the first time in book selection, nothing else matters...

Looking forward to being a bit of a lazybones myself and working my way through many, many books in the next few days of my staycation,

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  1. I still love the feel of paper and the smell of old books when I read, but may give in eventually. Love the selections you made on the vintage books.

  2. Great post . . . Sounds like you have gone full circle. From being surrounded by books as a young girl, taken over by the Kindle, getting rid of your boxes of books and now gathering books once again, only now looking for vintage, color and a bit of Art Deco too! Really fun . . .

  3. You had me at books. And then when you mention reading the cereal boxes? Helloooooo! I was the exact same way - even reading the ingredients! Hello kindred spirit!

  4. Fun blog post. I had one on books this week as well. It is funny to think of buying books only for looks, not content.


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