Thursday, August 15, 2013

two for two

This summer has been rather hectic... with work, weather, watering, weeding, walking... it's been full of "w's" galore.  Monday through Thursday fly by with just a few hours after work each night to get a few things done and start over the next day.  Tonight (Wednesday) it is finally raining and I have a reprieve from watering!  Who would have ever thought a Washingtonian would be happy with rain!  An unexpected "extra hour" in my day meant finally taking some pictures and getting a post up!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend a little time with EACH of my kids.

Saturday was a trip to Seattle to spend the day with my daughter.  I've always wanted to try macarons and she had some waiting for me when I got there!

By the way, do any of you find it strange that I actually took 239 pictures of these macarons?  Really.  239 photos of macarons on a milk glass pedestal.

I'm still not sure if I actually like them, to eat this is.  They're kind of unusual, but they are very photogenic!

We didn't just spend the day looking at macarons.  We stopped in our favorite local coffee shop for one of the the best lattes around.  Unlike most coffee spots, they make each drink individually... no steaming milk for multiple cups at once.  They even fancy it up with a pretty design in the foam.

We then hit up World Market and Ikea.  I was shopping for curtains for the windows at our latest project,  Kermit's Kastle.  I'd pictured a specific set of Ikea curtains in the dining room... a set that has been around for years... unfortunately for me they have stopped making this design!  I did find another set I liked at Ikea but no such luck at World Market on the curtain front.

Lunch at Chipotle, a stop at a paint store and then we were on to a street festival in a local small town.

Late afternoon found us at a local grocery store to stock up on the BEST pico de gallo and homemade flour tortillas to take home to Red Gate Farm.

Shopping at Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn rounded out the day.

The sun was shining, the weather was warm and it was a great way to spend the day with my daughter.  She and my son-in-law have just purchased their first home.  With moving day looming, future visits will probably be fewer and far between, as they work on projects and get settled in to their new home.

Sunday morning brought rain and cloudy skies to this part of the country.  My son works at a local raspberry farm and the harvest is starting to finally wind down.  He had the day off... just the second day off in seven weeks... a well earned day off from his average 16 hour days.

An unplanned visit when he stopped by for a homemade, as in not frozen/microwaved/fast food, dinner and brought me hydrangeas cut from his own plants.... Beautiful dark purple ones that are quite large.

As well as some smaller, blue blossoms.

So, it was a great weekend, spending time with each of my kids.


  1. Macarons do make for pretty pictures. The hydrangeas would have made my day.

  2. Pleasant days with our grown up kids is a pretty special event . . . especially when they aren't living right next door. I enjoyed your Macaroon photos and the beautiful hydrangeas . . . nice post!

  3. I love macaroons in any color! I suppose 239 photos is a bit of overkill, but bah... who cares... just delete 200 and cut it down to only 39, right. LOL I have a pair of World Market curtains in our small office and love them. Perhaps I should check out Ikea too. Did they have fun curtains?


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