Monday, October 14, 2013

october and a clear(er) view

"I'm so glad I live in a world 
where there are Octobers" 
Anne of Green Gables

This year that feeling is oh so appropriate.  The summer was long and hot and felt like it went on forever.

The corn in my fields, well it grew and grew until it blocked the view of everything... it was oppressive and more than just a bit claustrophobic.  I don't think you can feel how tall and looming it was.

Finally last Thursday the trucks and equipment arrived to cut it down for silage.  You can see the farm equipment way in the back of my 20 acres... just barely... and off to the right is one of the large trucks following along to be filled.

And when I say truck... I mean a pretty big semi sized cab which barely peaks out over the corn... yes it was tall!  They made quick work and in just a couple of hours, but well after dark, they got it all cut and hauled away.

The long hot month of July didn't help my pumpkin harvest much.  My one lone little warty pumpkin.

That tiny deep orange one in the background?  It's supposed to be a large, Cinderella style french pumpkin.  Well in real Cinderella style, it might be just right for a tiny, little mouse.

My only jack o lantern... about the size of a squash.

But the limelight hydrangeas have turned pinkish tan and scream out "it's autumn."

My chrysanthemums are doing well... and please ignore the dried up sunflowers I have left for the birds.

Some of my zinnias look bright and happy... others are a bit past their prime.

But most of all... I'm happy that autumn... and October have brought this finally.

Blue skies and a clear view.

After a long hot summer, a never ending rental house project and a life turned upside down it is much needed here at Red Gate Farm.


  1. I can understand about the corn. Years ago, we lived in a house surrounded by 300 acres of land. First it was pasture for cattle and then it was used to grow peas and then is a very odd feeling indeed and almost seems unreal at times, like being in the middle of a maze. So glad you can see clear again.

    Love your new header, so bright and cheery.

    Our weather has been so lovely and is supposed to be nice for most of the week..enjoy! xo

  2. Oh I am so glad to see you! I've been buzzing in and out and hadn't left a message. Your skies are gorgeous! We need some rain down here in California so our skies can look as lovely as yours.

  3. Love all your pumpkins and flowers!! Beautiful blue sky!! Happy autumn to you! xo Heather

  4. One day at a time :) Your place looks beautiful and bright. And that one little pumpkin? It will make a little mouse very happy! xo Jodi

  5. It's so nice to see you here again. You have been in my thoughts and prayers so much. I'm glad to see that you are finding some joy in the beauty of creation. I would love to have a visit with you when you are ready!

  6. LOVE those bright pumpkins... I just made pumpkin butter last week 19 pints...

  7. Everything looks great. I'm feeling a little "cleaner" too with all the crops that surround us gone as well. Love all the colors of your pumpkins, even they are so small!


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