Sunday, October 27, 2013

on a clear day

We've had some strange weather of late... really this past summer and into fall have been unusual weather for us.  The last week or so we've had fog, the kind that stuck around all day.  Last night some breezy rain came through and this is what it left behind... a beautiful October day.

Since we haven't had a frost, or even temps in the 30's yet, many of my flowers are still going strong.

My lavender colored, dinner plate sized, dahlia is at it's best this year.

The azalea foliage is putting on a nice show... as is most of our other deciduous plants!  I'm not sure if it's the warmer fall or the hot and dry summer we had but our fall color is really fabulous this  year.  Of course maybe it's just because the leaves have had the opportunity to stay on the plant/tree this time around...

My deep purple hydrangea is now a gorgeous, deep red color.

My fall aster is the main bee attraction at this time of year.

And the hardy nasturtiums have continued to pop up and grow where ever they want to.

The warm sunny afternoon prompted me to start a little project that I came across on Pinterest way back in August... maybe I'll even finish this one... but you'll have to wait and see on that.

And the end of this beautiful Sunday?

Well this was it.

Hoping you all enjoy the last few days of October,


  1. The last photo is gorgeous...what a lovely way to end the day. Temps here have already been in the 20's with heavy frost...time to settle in for winter!

  2. Gorgeous color at Red Gate Farm . . . Not many reds around here unless it is in a Maple leaf! Love your final photo . . .


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