Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LOVE, of little people

Here I am, as promised, mid-week with my weekly LOVE post.  And this week, I'm loving little people.

Do you remember these little guys, or um, little people?  My kids had some of these... the barn, house, a McDonalds and I believe a parking garage... perhaps a few others that I don't remember too.

I've been looking for the little house, the little people house.  I saw one a while back at the thrift store but it was in poor shape, no furniture, no little peeps and the front door was even missing!

I hadn't stopped in our thrift store since long before the holidays.  Between work and the holiday hours at the thrift store (it's run by a local private Christian school) and my hectic work schedule of late I hadn't been able to stop, finally this week I was able to pop in.  And the first thing I saw?

Yep, a little people house!  Now this one is a bit different than the one my kids had... we had the "tudor styled" house with a brown roof... but this one is in great shape with just one little spotted area in front of the garage... of course we could just blame that on a little oil leak, hmm?  The doors both work and even the ltitle door bell too!

No peeps were included but the only missing furniture is the sofa, one twin bed, 2 dining chairs and the dining table... all of which I can replace thanks to etsy!  It did come with a couple of miscellaneous pieces that I believe may go with the airport, i.e. luggage.

And the best part?  It was only $14.99!  I've been watching these on etsy for a quite a few months now and they pretty much start around the $30.00 mark if you include shipping... and usually with no furniture.

I always loved the little staircase... there's a door on the other that makes it a closet of sorts.  We used to stash one of the little peeps in there, like a perpetual game of hide and seek.

And to go with my little people abode?  Well I already have the barn (or perhaps we can say farm?).  I picked this up 3 or 4 years ago at our thrift store for just $6.99... the only missing pieces were two pieces of fence and a chicken.  Obviously the staff has gotten more price savvy!

The barn still "moos" when you open the big doors... and with this I did get the farmer... and his little red tractor!

A few months ago I found the mini bus at the thrift store for $2.99... the peeps inside, mom, dad and son all came in a bag of miscellaneous little people pieces last spring at our local antique store.

So now that I have the complete homestead...

I just need to round out the family, it's missing the girl and black & white dog... a couple of pieces of furniture  for the house and then I'll be ready...
Because in about 20 weeks, aka the first week of June, there will be a new little peep joining our family via my daughter and son-in-law.  Since they don't know if it's a boy or girl, I've got both covered with the house and the barn!

Don't ya just love little people?


  1. I Love all these, too! I remember my little sister playing with them, and my kids, too. I still have lots of little people and cars, and the garage and the school. and some furniture.

  2. I do love the little people. I remember them well, also weebles, remember those. They wobble but they don't fall down! Oh, the things I remember. Awesome finds and a great idea to collect them as you find the pieces instead of trying to find the whole set at once. Love, love, love, and congratulations on a new little 'peep.'

  3. A big congratulations to you all...such exciting news and what a sweet way to share it with us..quite clever indeed! :)
    When my children were young I would go to garage sales every week in hope of finding 'the people' and any of the other extras that went with. We had the barn and the airport with the big airplane and parking garage with the cars....I can't remember what else but never gave up collecting until they got older. I don't remember ever seeing the house but oh, how precious is it.
    Looking forward to updates on the 'peep' that will be showing up in 20 weeks! xo

  4. You have quiet the collection for that grandbaby! My inlaws got out their barn over Christmas and it still has all of the pieces. The animals are my fav, so cute.

  5. I DO love those little people. Totally brings back memories of when I played with them.

  6. Oh, I have that barn (still!)...thanks for the memories!

  7. Hi Chris! I had that exact house and barn when I was little. Best toys ever! We have the castle that my husband grew up with. Our kids enjoyed it many years and soon our grandchildren will too. Thanks for the great memory. Have a nice weekend!! Jodi

  8. OH!!! and CONGRATULATIONS! You're going to be a grandma!! Thats awesome.

  9. Congratulations!! So exciting! Love your sweet house and barn, too! xo Heather

  10. CONGRATULATIONS Chris!!!!! This is so exciting! What a blessing for your family :) I love the introduction with all the "little people"!! Can not wait to see all the blog posts/planning/creating, etc.!!!

  11. Sweet congratulations! I am so happy for you ...this same event took place for us a year ago!
    A wee boy for our son in law & daughter.
    And we have been looking for Vintage Fisher Price too!
    So very happy you have all these pieces in place!

  12. Yeah! Little ones! Very exciting news! (about the grand baby, not the little people, but the little people finds are fun too)

  13. Chris! Ok, this would explain the sweet little sweater project.. how exciting!! Is this the first grand baby? I am saving our little people barn, critters, etc for a future grandchild (I'm hopeful!). Your collection is adorable and so fun! congrats!! Tammy


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