Sunday, January 12, 2014

love, the word

The new year just started and already, I'm behind.  I'd been thinking about the whole concept of choosing a word this year... quite a few have run through my mind and I just couldn't seem to pin one down that really meant something.  I'm a bit of a procrastinator so of course "time" came to mind... I sometimes get so busy planning that I don't fully enjoy the result so "present" came to mind... but those, like all the others just didn't make the cut then one day it came to me, so simple... I'm choosing "love".

I got a new camera for Christmas... a DSLR Nikon 3200 and boy is it a lot of fun to use.  Me an my new companion are going to share weekly about something I "love" and why I "love" it.

First up, well you all know how much I love Christmas... (and please notice with my new camera I finally achieved bokeh!)

The after Christmas clean up?  Not so much...

But I do love my cozy little front porch once the packing and cleaning up is over!  One thing I appreciate after the holiday decorations are put away is how less cluttered (even with all my clutter) everything seems!  But what I really love about my front porch is how light and bright it is... even on a dark and dreary January day and believe me, here in Washington we get more of our share of dark and dreary!

Now, since I already missed the first two weeks you're getting a two-fer this time... 

My newest love?  Well it would be this corner of my living room and this fabulous salvage store cabinet.  We replaced our old 80's era shelving and this guy will someday be a built in cabinet complete with shelves inside and another set of glass doors making the cabinet go to the ceiling.  But for now, I'll just pile the inside and the top with goodies from around the house.  Like my globe collection, my grandfather's old humidor/pipe table and inside my child sized aqua colored folding chair, all vintage of course!

So if you're up for my kind of love, I'll be sharing mid week, each week, until 2015.


  1. Hi Chris.. ltns! Love your vintage collection of home furnishings.. reminds me of my lot here in Corbett. Maybe you can find some paper-whites already to bloom at your local grocery on the outside plant stands? Enjoy the week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Congrats on your new toy! Looking forward to your weekly love. I may have to copy you on that, it seems the weeks are passing so fast, this is a good way to soak them in! happy new year!

  3. That's a great cabinet, Chris. It always feels good to get an area organized. The bokeh is really cool. I just sorted a ton of paperwork and came across my dslr Nikon manual. It's going to be reading material for awhile lol.

  4. I'm so impressed with the "bokeh"...I've had my camera for 2 years and have yet to achieve that!!
    I love your little porch's adorable!
    Considering blogging again, but it's so much more enjoyable to read everyone else's !!

  5. What a fun corner of vintage goodness! And the green doing that in my kitchen. I'm getting brave with color in my new home, and that green totally inspires me!


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