Sunday, March 30, 2014

i'm just a vintage LOVING soul

 I was off on this past Friday... a day to get errands done, my hair cut and stop in my favorite spots, the thrift store and our local antique store.  Of course I came home with a couple of items but my favorite find was this frame.  A perfectly chipped, cracked frame in the perfect color, AQUA, for the perfect price of $10.00 and the glass was still intact!

I wasn't quite sure when I picked it up what I'd do with it but by the time I got home I knew I'd make one of my cheater chalk art projects... but this time I wouldn't paint the backside of the glass, I'd just cover it with a piece of black paper I had on hand which was packed around an art print I ordered.  I wasn't sure if the glass was old and so I didn't want to paint it, just in case.

The backside is pretty rough and it looks like the glass is attached with wax, it's brittle so I don't think this was a hot glue project.

Once I decided on some chalk art I went through my stack of prints... pinned and printed from Pinterest, of course.  I realized THIS one was the perfect one... and with a little tweaking on the layout...

I have this!  I really love the cracked paint and chipped bits on this frame.

I even had the perfect spot to hang it.  I've been playing around with this little area in the corner for a while now.  It's changed many, many times but this time I think I'm finally satisfied.

It's kind of tucked behind the front door... although that door is usually opened, with the glass you can still see what is on that wall and I like the way the door kind of sets it off and frames it.

 After I hung this I stepped back and realized this little vignette really sums up me AND my style... a bit rustic, a bit of vintage, a bit of my area of the world (The Peace Arch in Blaine, WA), a bit of quirkiness (my ruler), a bit of my obsession (my Niagara Falls plate), a bit of country (a sunset farm photo) in a new Pottery Barn frame and my own "chalk art" with fun typography.

I'd say an accurate vignette of me and my vintage soul,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

twinkle, twinkle little star... i LOVE a theme for a baby shower

 What do you do when you're in charge of decorating for a baby shower... a baby shower where the boy/girl aspect is still an unknown?  Why you plan to use yellow, aqua, pink and a touch of green, of course.

I've been trying to get a few projects done... this pink tray is one of them.  An old wooden tray found at my thrift store for a mere $6.99.  I finally finished it using ASCP, Antoinette is the color... a pretty soft pink. It's super large and will hold a lot of goodies at the shower... But since spring is officially here I thought I'd pull out all of my dishes I plan to use for the shower and "spring up" my table a bit early... Vintage plates in yellow, pink and aqua.

Some new pale green egg cups, courtesy of the grocery store, a cute ceramic spoon resting on a teeny tiny yellow cake... ok cupcake, pedestal.

And the inspiration for the shower theme?  This picture found on etsy... the perfect theme AND the perfect combination of colors!

It's an 8x10 print and I wasn't sure what to do with it... then I came across this frame at my thrift store for just $3.99...

A couple of glittery cloths pins and I think this may take center stage at the shower!  You can't see it very well but the original hanging wire is still attached and I just clipped those pins right to it.

Now you may have seen my bye baby bunting project... I had tons of scraps left from my books, paper scraps from my Valentines project so I searched for and found a star punch here.  Along with my bakers twine (pink, yellow and aqua!)...  A trusty old hole punch, lots of stars and I was ready to go.

I made a bunch of star garlands... in aqua shades...

pink shades...

and yellow/gold shades.

 I draped them over the knobs on my built in for now... if the shower was going to be here, it would be just the spot!

And the next shower project?  Well it is a tissue paper one... any guesses?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

LOVE, of ephemera

ephemera, things that are important or useful for only a short time; items that were not meant to have lasting value

ephemera, paper items (as posters, broadsides and tickets) that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles

ephemera, things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time

I even love the word ephemera... it's one of those words that just makes me smile, like serendipity!

I actually purchased this little statement book for the cover... to use on the Fourth of July,  but the inside (pictured above) is pretty fabulous too.

And these Dennison labels and a stack of cards from a library catalog system... well I'm sure they weren't meant to last forever.

I make it a habit to up old ledgers, tablets and well just paper of any kind when I'm thrifting, junking or antiquing.  Some of these can be had for less than $.50!

I found these alphabet cards on etsy... I use them to spell all kinds of words for holidays and seasons.  And the tablet below?  Isn't that paper just the best.

This little tablet is actually for spelling work... numbered and there is even a "missed" and "correct" tally area at the bottom.

Of course I couldn't pass up this Record Book for Students of Agriculture!  And the patina of old paper, well you can't get that anywhere else.

 Tickets, seals and stamps... You never know when one of these might be just the "ticket" for a project.

Even old labels are fun... like this almost empty packet of rick rack.  I'm sure no one ever thought this would be around decades later.

And all that paper?  Well it comes in handy for paper projects like my recent Valentine's project... and even the scraps can be put to use for little stars and big stars...

But that project, is a story for another day...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

bye, baby bunting (a baby's project)

There are plans for a baby shower underway.  My sister and niece are hosting a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my first grand baby.  My contribution?  Decorating!  Since my daughter and son in law aren't finding out whether it's a boy or a girl, the theme is "Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?"  Fitting huh?  Along with the lullaby idea is a story book or nursery rhyme addition.... which inspired my first "do it yourself" decoration.

While on Etsy I saw these vintage book page buntings and thought the idea was so cute!  I decided to try my own version out.

I found 3 different vintage books, all in sad shape for a total of $3.50.

For putting it together I planned to purchase and use bias tape, then I remembered that my daughter had bought me a bias tape maker a couple of Christmas's ago.  Time to finally try it out!

I found three fabrics in my hoard stash that spelled B-A-B-Y to me.

I decided to use this book first.  I love the pastel photos and the layout with text was just perfect for a bunting... some of the pages had already been cut up a bit, so no guilt at re purposing this book.

Using my rotary cutter, ruler and mat I simple cut the pages into triangles.

Then used my bias tape maker to make bias tape out of this cute pink gingham fabric.  I did cheat a little and did not actually make this bias tape "on the bias".  Since I was using this for a simple bunting and not a fabric sewing project, I thought the tape would still work out ok, plus it saved on my fabric since the bias cutting would have cut right across the piece of fabric.

With my trusty sewing machine, voila!  I've really enjoyed using my sewing machine for paper sewing, with this bunting and my Valentine Hearts.

I have plans to make two more with the other books and fabric that I have...

Of course this page was a must for the bunting with the "The Sunbonnet Baby" title of this chapter!

And on my next try, I think I may use my scalloped blade on my rotary cutter for a different edge...

Or I may even use a different shape than a triangle... especially since one of the books has fabulous graphics over much of the page...

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how this baby project turned out.

And of course, I have a few other baby shower decorating ideas up my sleeve... more to share in the upcoming weeks,

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

LOVE, of planning for spring

Well I made this week's LOVE by hours... of course MY week runs Monday through Sunday, just in case you were wondering... We've had some crazy weather here the last few weeks so I've not only been planning for spring and plantings BUT dreaming of it too!

Just over two weeks ago, on a Friday, I came home to this sight... Yep, that's my delphinium peaking out.

As well as the primroses... surely spring is just around the corner...

Nope, two days later and we had THIS!  Then came the wind and drifts...  then last weekend before this had all melted, well it actually snowed again!  Two weekends in a row... rather unheard of for us.  We then finished it all off with some nice sleety style freezing rain.

Then last Monday when I got home from work I saw this out over our field... I honestly don't think I've ever seen a rainbow with snow on the ground.  But since the snow stuck around for a  week or so and then it rained, well that's what you get.  A snowbow!

And while my garden looked like this just a few days ago...

I've been planning for this...

My seed orders have arrived.  My typical orders of impatiens from Park Seed, pumpkins from Burpee and sunflowers from Botanical Interests.  This is my first time ordering Botanical Interests online... I've purchased their seeds before but sadly the garden center that carried them retired from business last fall.  Although there are other garden shops around they will be missed, they were my "go to" place for so much since they carried pretty much everything.

We picked up some of these little guys the other night... now I'm ready for my impatien and wave petunia plantings.

And I'm looking forward to getting my zinnias, marigolds, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash into flats in a few weeks out in my little greenhouse...

And today?  Well it was certainly a taste of (hopefully) what's to come soon... it was a warm (well 60 degree), hazy sun kind of day.  I took the opportunity to get outside for a bit and prune my roses and hydrangeas... some of which didn't take kindly to that back to back weekends of snow, wind and ice.

So for now I'll be mostly planning for spring by mapping out the vegetable garden,  planting my teeny tiny impatien seeds, cleaning up a few beds here and there and catching up on my garden journal...

And of course, dreaming a bit of this...
Is it spring yet for you?  Or are you like me and still in the planning stage,