Sunday, March 23, 2014

twinkle, twinkle little star... i LOVE a theme for a baby shower

 What do you do when you're in charge of decorating for a baby shower... a baby shower where the boy/girl aspect is still an unknown?  Why you plan to use yellow, aqua, pink and a touch of green, of course.

I've been trying to get a few projects done... this pink tray is one of them.  An old wooden tray found at my thrift store for a mere $6.99.  I finally finished it using ASCP, Antoinette is the color... a pretty soft pink. It's super large and will hold a lot of goodies at the shower... But since spring is officially here I thought I'd pull out all of my dishes I plan to use for the shower and "spring up" my table a bit early... Vintage plates in yellow, pink and aqua.

Some new pale green egg cups, courtesy of the grocery store, a cute ceramic spoon resting on a teeny tiny yellow cake... ok cupcake, pedestal.

And the inspiration for the shower theme?  This picture found on etsy... the perfect theme AND the perfect combination of colors!

It's an 8x10 print and I wasn't sure what to do with it... then I came across this frame at my thrift store for just $3.99...

A couple of glittery cloths pins and I think this may take center stage at the shower!  You can't see it very well but the original hanging wire is still attached and I just clipped those pins right to it.

Now you may have seen my bye baby bunting project... I had tons of scraps left from my books, paper scraps from my Valentines project so I searched for and found a star punch here.  Along with my bakers twine (pink, yellow and aqua!)...  A trusty old hole punch, lots of stars and I was ready to go.

I made a bunch of star garlands... in aqua shades...

pink shades...

and yellow/gold shades.

 I draped them over the knobs on my built in for now... if the shower was going to be here, it would be just the spot!

And the next shower project?  Well it is a tissue paper one... any guesses?


  1. This looks amazing! What a fun theme.

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  3. Adorable ideas, colors and plans. I love the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star theme. Enjoy your plans and decorating as you await the new baby girl or boy. I just posted about a baby shower we had this past weekend. We had so much fun!

  4. I just love the theme and the soft colors! Featured your bunting at the party last week!

  5. Wow everything so far is looking amazing and I love the idea of not knowing what they are makes for even more excitement. Tissue puff Balls? I'm not sure what they are called and I love them but have never made them to date!

  6. Love your cute star garlands! And you know I love those colors for a baby shower!!

  7. That garland is amazing! This shower is going to be so precious. Love all of the colors you are using.


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