Sunday, March 9, 2014

LOVE, of planning for spring

Well I made this week's LOVE by hours... of course MY week runs Monday through Sunday, just in case you were wondering... We've had some crazy weather here the last few weeks so I've not only been planning for spring and plantings BUT dreaming of it too!

Just over two weeks ago, on a Friday, I came home to this sight... Yep, that's my delphinium peaking out.

As well as the primroses... surely spring is just around the corner...

Nope, two days later and we had THIS!  Then came the wind and drifts...  then last weekend before this had all melted, well it actually snowed again!  Two weekends in a row... rather unheard of for us.  We then finished it all off with some nice sleety style freezing rain.

Then last Monday when I got home from work I saw this out over our field... I honestly don't think I've ever seen a rainbow with snow on the ground.  But since the snow stuck around for a  week or so and then it rained, well that's what you get.  A snowbow!

And while my garden looked like this just a few days ago...

I've been planning for this...

My seed orders have arrived.  My typical orders of impatiens from Park Seed, pumpkins from Burpee and sunflowers from Botanical Interests.  This is my first time ordering Botanical Interests online... I've purchased their seeds before but sadly the garden center that carried them retired from business last fall.  Although there are other garden shops around they will be missed, they were my "go to" place for so much since they carried pretty much everything.

We picked up some of these little guys the other night... now I'm ready for my impatien and wave petunia plantings.

And I'm looking forward to getting my zinnias, marigolds, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash into flats in a few weeks out in my little greenhouse...

And today?  Well it was certainly a taste of (hopefully) what's to come soon... it was a warm (well 60 degree), hazy sun kind of day.  I took the opportunity to get outside for a bit and prune my roses and hydrangeas... some of which didn't take kindly to that back to back weekends of snow, wind and ice.

So for now I'll be mostly planning for spring by mapping out the vegetable garden,  planting my teeny tiny impatien seeds, cleaning up a few beds here and there and catching up on my garden journal...

And of course, dreaming a bit of this...
Is it spring yet for you?  Or are you like me and still in the planning stage,

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  1. With all the snow and below normal temperatures this year, it's been hard to even think about spring and planting. We still have plenty of snow on the ground. Today we finally get to 60 degrees, but some crazy front is on the way and tomorrow it will be below freezing again - ugh! But when it finally turns green again, it will be amazing!


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