Sunday, March 30, 2014

i'm just a vintage LOVING soul

 I was off on this past Friday... a day to get errands done, my hair cut and stop in my favorite spots, the thrift store and our local antique store.  Of course I came home with a couple of items but my favorite find was this frame.  A perfectly chipped, cracked frame in the perfect color, AQUA, for the perfect price of $10.00 and the glass was still intact!

I wasn't quite sure when I picked it up what I'd do with it but by the time I got home I knew I'd make one of my cheater chalk art projects... but this time I wouldn't paint the backside of the glass, I'd just cover it with a piece of black paper I had on hand which was packed around an art print I ordered.  I wasn't sure if the glass was old and so I didn't want to paint it, just in case.

The backside is pretty rough and it looks like the glass is attached with wax, it's brittle so I don't think this was a hot glue project.

Once I decided on some chalk art I went through my stack of prints... pinned and printed from Pinterest, of course.  I realized THIS one was the perfect one... and with a little tweaking on the layout...

I have this!  I really love the cracked paint and chipped bits on this frame.

I even had the perfect spot to hang it.  I've been playing around with this little area in the corner for a while now.  It's changed many, many times but this time I think I'm finally satisfied.

It's kind of tucked behind the front door... although that door is usually opened, with the glass you can still see what is on that wall and I like the way the door kind of sets it off and frames it.

 After I hung this I stepped back and realized this little vignette really sums up me AND my style... a bit rustic, a bit of vintage, a bit of my area of the world (The Peace Arch in Blaine, WA), a bit of quirkiness (my ruler), a bit of my obsession (my Niagara Falls plate), a bit of country (a sunset farm photo) in a new Pottery Barn frame and my own "chalk art" with fun typography.

I'd say an accurate vignette of me and my vintage soul,


  1. that colour aqua is the most perfect colour in the world! I love it with the chalk saying. Also I love your love series! Can't wait for flower season.

  2. That frame and chalkboard print work perfectly together! Such a lovely little vignette Chris!

  3. Beautiful! And I love it that I know exactly where it is in your home (still one of my favorite days, that tour!). I've been avoiding the thrift store like the plague as I'm trying not to be tempted by all that loveliness! Still thinking about selling so I need to purge rather than purchase!

  4. That's a beautiful frame and love the saying too.


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