Autumn at Red Gate Farm

Fall decorating is pretty low key around here.  For the price of a few packs of seeds I usually have a bounty of items to choose from to decorate inside and out....

The main entrance to our house is the "back door".  Like a true farmhouse, nobody comes in our front door.  You'd actually have to walk past this entrance and to the right, to get to the front door.  The front door that is never used, except by salesman or the FedEx guy.

This year I decided to add a little more than a pumpkin or two.  Although with two large labs... you have to keep an eye on the pumpkins, least they cart them off for a little snack.  I added in some orange, red and yellow flowers... even a corn stalk.

Of course there is one Cinderella pumpkin.... I think these are my all time favorites.

And for the first time, I added some corn stalks from the garden.  I selected the shortest stalks and pulled them up, bound them and attached them with wire.  Hopefully the winds of the past week are finished and the stalks will stay in place.  Most of our corn is still producing so I was sure to select just the very short ones that would never mature.

I think the new orange, deep orange and red million bells looks great with all of the purple I have going on in my garden and around the back door.  The purple October Skies Aster is putting on it's annual show in the background.

I bought one plant when we moved to Red Gate Farm.  I now have it in 4 or 5 places... it seeds itself like crazy but is a great plant at this time of year.  I keep it corralled with peony hoops or other support since it tends to flop by the time it gets this big each year.

I like the combo of white, purple and orange.... maybe a bit more Halloween than Autumn.

And my idea for the pumpkins on my vintage metal chairs?

The aqua chair and dark orange pumpkin is my favorite. Of course anything aqua right now seems to be my favorite....

I think it looks fun and  fabulous... although maybe the pumpkins should be a wee bit larger...

Like some of these from last year...

Or even two years ago.... but the pumpkin fairy hasn't been visiting Red Gate Farm this year.  I may have to settle for the handful I've harvested.

Of course, my ultimate goal would be this.... truck and all.

Enjoying the golden light of early Autumn, in the garden.

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  1. Great job. I especially like the Cinderella pumpkin. Is that what is also known as a cheese pumpkin. I must try to grow a couple of those next year. My pumpkin crop this year is pretty small and spare too - not sure why.

  2. That's a great truck full o' punkins! Would love that parked in my front yard this season... and what is it about the color aqua that we all love so much. Very welcoming color and also very feel good.

  3. Love it! Love it all! Especially that Coop Chicks sign. I have been wanting one of those!

  4. I believe you did an adorable job here! Very Fallish.

  5. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing your post today... the photos are wonderful! It reminds me of growing up next to my grandparent's farm in Vermont. Larry

  6. Love every pic! And the aqua chair? Be still my heart...I think you should leave that one and paint the other to match. Make it all chippy and let the rust show through!!
    Have a day of wonder!
    xo, misha

  7. It all looks beautiful, but my fav has to be the chairs with the pumpkins. I just love those old chairs!!!
    I wonder about the wind being done...!

  8. OMGoodness that cinderella pumpkin is to die for. You have some very nice natural decorating done. I really like that. Oh that truck and all those pumpkins would make a big statement for sure.
    Happy Fall

  9. Wow Chris - your place is looking like a cover shoot for Country Homes magazine!

  10. I had no idea that pumpkins came in so many different colors! I like the one in the aqua chair, too. And the white pumpkin with the purple flowers. Pretty. :)

  11. Well, if your dreaming here, how about a semi full of pumpkins?
    I do love your front porch. I was wishing I could lift a cornstalk or two last week at the corn maze. Nothing says falls here better than a dried cornstalk.
    I think nature's bounty is the best decoration for fall, for sure. So your flowers, pumpkins, and stalks are just perfect.


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