Putting up.....

"Putting up"... what an interesting, old time phrase. 

I was visiting with a neighbor the other day while the "menfolk" tried to round up some wayward, well actually escaped, cows and calves.  My neighbor was telling me her sister was at her nephew's for the day to help them "put up" some jam. 

Don't you think it sounds rather quaint?  Putting up.... so much more fun than just "canning" jam.  I like the idea of putting up some home grown and home canned jars up on my shelves each year.  There's a real feeling of accomplishment when you see jar after jar of your own work.

And what about that goodness from the garden this year, its included relish, pickles, jams, tomato sauce and just plain veggies. 

There's refrigerator pickles, both dill and the bread & butter style.  Made in my big, IKEA jars... purchased last summer for just this reason.

I tried canning pickles but I really like the crispier pickles that I get from a good refrigerator recipe.  And they're so easy, no jars to seal!  No hot water bath steaming up the kitchen.

And speaking of cucumbers... well I may have missed a few while picking some for pickles... for the ones that got a teensy bit too big? 

Well, relish was the answer.  Dill relish of course.

And one evening while I was off in August my son brought home 25 or so pounds of blueberries.  Some went in the freezer whole and ready for use this winter...

and a few made up a batch of blueberry jam.

Plain green beans... no real excitement here.... but I didn't want to leave them out of the line up.

And all of my tomatoes?  Sauce of course.  "Lots o lots o sauce"!

I think this year my bumper crop may even yield some ketchup... I've been wanting to try a recipe for a while now.

Next up is the pears...

and plums.

Although, these may not make it... since they'll all have been eaten my a certain someone....

Come December, I'll be sharing the fruits of all my labor.

Looking forward to a warm and wonderful weekend... and soon to be, a full "put up" pantry.

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  1. Love seeing all of your bounty in the gleaming jewel jars! Have a great weekend!

  2. You've been busy!
    That's the phrase my grandma always used. :) Putting up. I'd forgotten about that.

  3. Love the "putting up" phrase. I say it where I live and some look at me with that "WHAT in the world are you talking about.

    My mom "put up" this and that through the years and I caught the canning lingo!

    You amaze me with your abundance of "putting up" many luscious fruits and vegetables.

    My "put up" claim will be pickles and chili sauce.

    This is giving me a "put up" SMILE,


  4. Look at all that goodness! I love the "putting up" phrase. We still use it around here too. Tomatoes will be on my list next week - salsa and juice. We are enjoying a break from putting up and selling 100's of jars of pickles this year. I feel a little lost not doing them, but am enjoying the season doing other things. Have a great weekend arranging your pantry shelf I'm imagining!

  5. I remember the look of my mother's basement store room at the end of summer - all those beautiful colours. I didn't, at that time, realise just how lucky I was to be able to go downstairs to pick out a relish or chili sauce or chow-chow - my mum made it all.

  6. My, my you have definitely been "putting up". What a lovely site! It is so rewarding when winter rolls around to just whip out a jar of veggies or relish, or whatever and enjoy.
    I noticed that tin looking lid over the glass lid. Can I ask where you got it? I have a whole lot of glass lids, but nothing to hold them onto the jar.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Chris, my mil used to put up all kinds of veggies and fruit. Always loved the fridge pickles, just one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing on VIF! xo,Debra

  8. I'm going to start saying that now!!! I like it much better!! I "put up" 14 qts of beans today and froze lots of grated summer squash for winter soups. Also did some juicing of carrots and apples. I need to work on the corn tomorrow before it gets too ripe. I'm very envious of your tomatoes!!
    I've been picking lots of blueberries...180lbs!!! Just no more room in my freezer!!!! Love to eat the frozen little goodies all year!!!
    Can you share your recipe with all the pickled vegies??? They look fantastic!!
    Have a fun weekend!

  9. I haven't heard that term in years! When I was a girl, my family would spend time on my grandparents farm during canning season. I heard the term "puttin' up" often in my childhood days. Thanks for triggering those fond memories, Chris. ;)

    So glad that you linked to Time Travel Thursday this week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  10. Simply a beautiful post~ thank you for sharing your blessings!


  11. I don't can but I do make refrigerator pickles though I think I'm the only one to eat them. I've stopped adding cucumbers to it now that they're done producing but the crisp taste is very satisfying.

  12. We use that phrase here too! I just finished "putting up the last of this year's tomatoes"...salsa, juice and chunked tomatoes. It looks like you've been quite busy, and you have quite a bounty! It's such a rewarding feeling to see those shelves full, isn't it?!

  13. I love *putting up*. It is a great satisfaction to do all tht work and then admire all you've done. When I have a bumper crop or tomatoes, I do both ketchup and chili sauce -- so handy to have :)


  14. That really is a great old fashioned expression. It really looks like you've been busy putting up all kinds of great foods for this winter.

  15. Wonderful reading and pictures...the food - well, I wish I could reach inside the computer monitor and taste all that great food.

    I'll be following along - have a great day!

  16. As a child, we 'put up' jellies, jams, and vegetables...and we 'put up' our hair at night in very uncomfortable rollers!
    Could you, would you, pretty please...share your refrigerator pickle recipe???

  17. I'm with you - I love putting up. It just sounds so "farmy" which I think is a good thing! Hmmm......just a little hint here......but wouldn't it be fun to include one of these jams in a future giveaway? Hey, no pressure, but pretty please? Blueberry maybe???

    Thanks for showing your bounty!

  18. You should share you recipes!! I love "homemade" pickles, so good to munch on.

  19. I love the "putting up" phrase and all of your canned goods look awesome! Out tomatoes didn't produce as much this season so I didn't put up as many this year.


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