I bet you thought I was talking about a little green guy like this?

Well..... I do have a couple of green frogs, but they're the metal kind... not the squishy, slimy kind....  I've amassed quite a collection of frogs over the last few years, flower frogs that is.  It started with a couple of metal ones... plain metal ones that belonged to my grandmother.  Next thing I knew I had collected quite a few...

I found a black glass one that I like to use for my Halloween decorating... along with a few other vintage black glass items...

I just recently came across this creamy white ceramic one at a local antique store for under $2.00... of course it was coming home.

This very unusual one was found at a thrift store last week.  I've never seen one quite like this... it reminds me of corn or pie with all of it's bumps and it's pale, golden yellow color.  It was $.99... not too bad since it came with a metal one too!

This is one of my favorites.  It has a place in my kitchen, year round.  It gets moved around a bit depending on the season but it's always somewhere in my my kitchen.  It's a very, very heavy one... perhaps it's lead?  It weights quite a bit for it's size.  I've never seen another flower frog shaped like an actual flower!

And what do I do with them you ask?  Well they can be used for flower arrangements... of course!  This pink glass one didn't come with this vase... I found them at different times and places but they fit together nicely.  This summer I found another small pink depression glass frog to keep the bigger pink one company.

Some even styles make good pen or pencil holders....

I like my newest frog, the corn inspired one, with a few other fall decorations on my table.

Of course the plain metal ones make wonderful picture... or vintage postcard holders.  Vintage Niagara Falls postcards that is...

So my frog collections grows a little bigger each year....

Maybe next will be one of these fabulous, wire princely looking ones??? 

Vintage Lot of Flower Frogs
 And I bet won't even have to kiss a frog to find it.....

Celebrating the final day of summer... in the rain.... Pacific Northwest style,

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  1. What a wonderful collection! I collect flower frogs, too, but don't have nearly as many as you. I particularly like your recent "bumpy" bargain.

  2. Cool... I've never even heard of them kind of frogs.

  3. My favorite is the one that looks like a flower!

  4. This is a funny coincidence - I just became a follower of another blog called Frog Goes to Market ( named after her large collection of flower frogs, right before I clicked on the bookmark to visit your blog! Interesting!

  5. I think I just found something new to collect!!!
    Lovely post! I always like learning something new!!
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo, misha

  6. Oh, those are cool! I have a small collection of pink depression glass so of course I really love the pink ones. That flower shaped one is so unusual!

  7. I too collect FROGS of the sesame kind! Love them all! Warms my heart to see fellow collectors!❤️


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