Welcoming a new season.....

 I'm having a hard time believing that Fall officially arrived yesterday. 

We've had a stretch of warm and muggy weather the last few days.  On the first day of Fall, it was 68 degrees at 5:30 am.... I hear that it was just as warm the night before.  This may not sound like warm night time temps to some of you but around here we don't see that much in August let alone the start of Fall and the end of September! 

Fortunately, I started some of my fall decorating last weekend... while it was cloudy, rainy and cooler.

Believe it or not, here at our little farmhouse-cottage, we don't have a mantle... or a fireplace.  I'm not really clear on what they used for heat back in 1920 but it certainly wasn't the furnace we have now... or the gas stove in the living room!

Although I may be "mantle less", I do have a few spots around the house that I like to change out for seasons... or holidays.  The corner of the buffet in the dining room changes out frequently.

For fall I used my new mercury glass pumpkins.  You can put lights inside, making a warm glow in the evenings.  The little pitcher has orange and silver on it.  I like the way it looks with the mercury glass.  I'd been eyeing it a local antique store for months.  Finally it went to the clearance room last winter... I picked it up for a whopping $2.75.  An orange, home grown zinnia nestles inside....

My all time favorite decorating spot is the top of my little cabinet in the kitchen.  It sits just under our chalk board.... a chalk board made out of the original medicine cabinet from our house here at Red Gate Farm.  I usually use my milk glass here since the whole cabinet is full of it, my collection of milk glass that is.  That little pumpkin sitting in the vase?  Well it's an antique paper mache jack-o-lantern... if you turn it around it has a jack-o-lantern face with cut outs and you can just see the little wire handle it has on the top.  It's probably from the 30's.  My mom found two at a garage sale for .50 cents each... on eBay or antique stores this same pumpkin goes for $80 - $100!  I'm sure glad my mom shared!!!  And he does "double-duty" since I just turn him around, face out, come October 1st.

Even the little corner kitchen shelves my husband built to encase the over the range microwave get changed up.  This year I used all my Akro-Agate planters... or slag glass.  This is the same type of glass that marbles were, and in some places still are, made of.  One of my last white, dinner plate dahlias just fits into the large green vase.

And a top the fridge?  Well I definitely don't leave it bare....

This Metlox orange pitcher held milk, fresh from the cow, on my dad's table when he was a child.  I found the sugar bowl and platter at a flea market and garage sale.  They also are Metlox.  This display will also do double duty with a few items added in October for Halloween.

So the inside of the house feels a bit fallish, if not a bit warmish... but of course, this warm, wet and muggy weather won't be here for long... not in the Pacific Northwest... but it will be good for the pumpkin patch!

Looking forward to a season full of fresh apple cider, hot tea, bright sunny days, cold crisp nights, a hint of wood smoke in the air and perhaps a slice of pumpkin bread,

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  1. The mecury glass pumpkins are so cute!

  2. It's been really warm and muggy here too...but then we're definitely used to it. We're VERY ready for it to cool off and feel more like fall...soon! Love your decorating!!

  3. Your orange Metlox is gorgeous.. and as for a mantle, well, we have one but it's doesn't hold a lot of weight just because of the way it is attached to the wall. Someday I want to tear it out and re-do it properly. So, don't fret about no mantle.

  4. I love the orange Metlox...I have never seen that color before. And the pumpkins are just my style...a little bit modern but not..

  5. beauitful~ love the little punkin too! :)

  6. Love your touches of orange--perfect autumn color and doesn't it just conjure up some fall feelings when you look at it! Beautiful pics.

  7. I love your take on fall - the colours are gorgeous.

  8. Love those mercury glass pumpkins! I don't know what's come over me, but I'm infatuated with anything orange this year, so my house is beginning to look like fall all year round! Not sure how that's gonna look at Christmas! I'd like some pumpkin bread too...

  9. I've got to get on the fall decorating. Every year my hometown hosts "Mule Day" and that is usually the signal that fall has started and when I decorate. I'm jealous of your pumpkin patch. Next year is going to be the year of pumpkins!

  10. Your fall stuff is so cheery! Sometimes I think fall decor can get a little heavy looking, but yours is just fun. :)
    It's been really warm here, too. I hope it holds for awhile.

  11. I really wanted to decorate today, but had to work for most of it. Nothing better than being home, surrounded by fall when it's raining and blowing. Your home looks so festive and I love all the history you gave us!
    Happy Fall!!

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