Plotting, Planning and Planting

At this time of year I like to take a hard look at my gardens.  It's a good time to decide what worked and what didn't.  What did well... What I really liked... What do I want to change for next year... What do I want to move from one garden spot to another.... What did I see this year that I'd like to incorporate for next year.

I think this time is the best time to plan for the next gardening season.  While I can still see my fading flowers, both annuals and perennials.

One of my plans for next year includes a redo of shade garden I have.  Finally the hydrangea is doing better which means I may need to move some hostas around, as well as this little green basket that I fill with bicopa and impatiens.  It's one of the few gardens I can see from my living room window and it needs a little sprucing up next year.

Now is also a good time to count and figure how many impatiens I planted... decide how many seeds I need to buy for next year.  My white impatiens did very well this year, they went from this....

to this... on the east side of the house.

And this cute little zinnia... I forget the name... (maybe cherry swizzle?) but it wasn't quite what I expected.  I grew it with my cutting zinnias in my veg garden but it was so low growing and bushy that it isn't a good cut flower.  Next year I may still plant these seeds but I will put them in pots instead... or the garden along the coop since they aren't a good cutting flower.

And this spring I decided to get another Limelight Hydrangea for one of the front flower beds.  They do well in full sun and my original one is so beautiful that I wanted to balance it out with a second.

It'll take a bit to catch up to the other... but that's ok.  I even like the colors as it fades from bright, lime green to a faded pastel like beige and rose pink.

Last year I planted these double calibrochia or million bells in my window boxes... I'm glad I decided to use them again this year.  They've done fantastic from May all the way through to September.  I'm happy I made note of it last year in my garden journal so that I remembered to have it return to the garden this year.

Another addition this year was that I chose to add more sunflowers in my cutting garden.... almost a whole row of them... all shapes... sizes...

and of course, colors!  This is my first year of growing these reddish variety.  They will definitely make the list for next year as well.

For the biggest surprise?  Well it was the Wave Petunias that I grew from seed.  They had a bit of a slow start but wow, once they got going they took off like wild fire.  I planted three varieties... a pink, a white with a pale purple center and a plain lavender. 

They all did well and I will be sure to plant them again next year... just a bit earlier than the end of March. They are a pelleted seed and take quite a while to germinate.  Believe it or not but this is just three of my Wave seedlings!

So in my usual daydreaming fashion and before the gardening year is over... I've already started plotting, planning....

and dreaming of next year.

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  1. Oh all your garden flowers are sooooo beautiful, I think the little purple bells are gorgeaous as are all of them. Happy Cottage Flora Thursday xx jeanette ann

  2. Your gardens are lovely. I love the Limelights too and have a couple in the gardens. Have a nice weekend.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. You have some lovely flowers! Great idea to jot down some plans while all is still fresh in your mind. Photos are great to help document why worked best too.

  4. Chris your flowers and gardens are always so beautiful. It seems like you were just talking about starting up and things starting to grow and now it is fall already, time flies way too fast. I can't wait to see next year. :)

  5. Man, your flowers just looked beautiful. I do not have a green thumb at all. That's why ferns are usually my item of choice for the summer.

  6. All the plotting and planning pays off, HUGE! You have a so many lovely flowers, Chris.

  7. Fantastic pictures. I especially love that basket under the tree. Makes me think I can attempt something without having to get on my knees which I can't do.

  8. Absolutely beautiful. Love all the blooms.

  9. Your flowers are so pretty! I love the hydrangea and the red sunflower!

  10. Ha - you sound like you are prepared for doing what i just did! I just love that walkway with your hostas & annuals! what a fabulous combination! Thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

  11. Your flowers are lovely.
    Your presentation too.
    And photos, well they are fabulous.

    I too plan now for the next year and I find it is helpful especially when I need to move something from one location to another to enhance growth, capture more sun, etc.

    You give me such good ideas . . . thank you.

  12. The impatiens look pretty awesome up against the hosta. Deer eat EVERYTHING here so even though I love flowers I just don't plant anything.

  13. Just beautiful! Impatiens are wonderful..

  14. Are those lavender petunias Tidal Wave Silver? They are are a great choice and always do so well! Larry


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