Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year....

I've decided I'm not looking back on 2011... I'm jumping into 2012 with my eyes and arms wide open..... although maybe I should look before I leap just a bit since 2012 is looking to be a bit of an overwhelming year for me.

A year of new beginnings for my whole family.  For me... a soon to be "empty nester".  For my son who will be learning to be a new homeowner, housekeeper and bookkeeper all at once.  And for my daughter who will be a married this summer bringing a new family member to our clan, her husband.... and the wedding which will make my husband much poorer - just kidding, but I couldn't leave him out!

Tonight I will ring in the New Year at the stroke of midnight, probably fast asleep, but it will come nonetheless.  A year that I will try to embrace fully with all of its changes.  I predict there will be lots of ups and a few downs as I navigate 2012.

Like all of you, I will awake tomorrow to a new day... a new month... a new year.  I don't plan to make any resolutions except perhaps to try and enjoy the ride of 2012.

So without further ado.... Happy New Year from....

to you.


  1. Wishing you a fabulous New Year!!

  2. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! xo

  3. It's going to be an amazing year Chris, especially with eyes and arms and heart wide open!

  4. *:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*
      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    From an empty nester in Oregon.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Happy New Year Chris! And Congrats to both kids. You've done well!

    All the best in 2012 : )


  6. I love the image you've offered of open eyes and arms to welcome the new year!
    We'll both be helping plan a wedding this year. Let the fun begin!

  7. Happy New Year!
    It is smart not to make resolutions! That way you have no disappointments! We just need to do the best we can to make things in our lives and other's life happier!

  8. Oh, you've got a big year ahead of you for sure!
    Yay, a wedding! Oh, the fun you will have with that, I'm sure.
    Have a wonderful and happy, happy New Year, Chris!
    p.s.I absolutely love your Scrabble Red Gate Farm.

  9. Sounds like an exciting new year...enjoy it! I've had fun following your posts...thanks for all the inspiration. Now, jump in feet first and have a terrific new year! -Mary

  10. Happy New Year Chris
    Sending you Blessings it will be a year filled with so much Joy!!!

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments. Wow, you have a lovely house - what an amazing view. I'm your neweest follower, best wishes for 2012 !

  12. Happy 2012 and i look forward to reading more from your blog for 2012. Richard

  13. Happy New Year Chris! Your post brought me up to speed quickly. I'm really close to being an empty-nester myself. My youngest is a P/T medic who currently works in a rural community so he has one foot in the door and one foot out. It won't be long until he'll get F/T employment and he will sadly, be gone. He's the baby so it's hard to let go. Congratulations on the Wedding and I'll be following along, watching all the planning unfold. For me personally, 2012 can only be better than 2011 (I hope)!

  14. Happy New Year!! hope it's a fabulous one for all. (:

  15. Happy New Year, Chris. It sounds like you have some excitement in store this year, and that's a good thing. Have a wonderful year,


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