Monday, December 5, 2011

New pillow covers, holiday projects #6 and #7

Over the weekend I once again, dusted off the sewing machine and got to work on a project that was meant for last Christmas as well as a new one for this Christmas.  And seeing that there was a Holiday Copycat Challenge over at Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing, well I just couldn’t resist making two of the most copied items from Pottery Barn's holiday catalog.

First up is the poinsettia pillow… Pottery Barn had this pillow last year in a slightly different version and I purchased felt to copy it… but alas I never got around to it… story of my life!
This year the challenge got me moving on it…. it was fairly straightforward.  I made 3 sizes of “petal” patterns out of some scrap drop cloth and cut them out of white felt.

I planned out the design before sewing to be sure I had enough petals.  I also used drop cloth for the “background” of the poinsettia and used another piece of quilt fabric from my stash for the backing.  When I make pillow like this, I like to make them with the fabric overlapping in the back… kind of like a pillow sham is made.  Then I just cover my existing pillow forms… so after the holidays I just have the cover to fold up and store.

After stitching each petal on, the final step was hand sewing on some vintage jingle bells….

It turned out exactly as planned.  In fact in went so well I decided to make another Pottery Barn pillow….

Yep, the much copied “stocking pillow”.  My version is much smaller since I had an existing rectangular pillow form that I wanted to use….

Pottery Barn’s version is similar in color….
I wanted to felt a sweater to make the stockings out of… I thought it would be easier than knitting little stockings… I also knew I’d have more of a chance of actually FINISHING the project!  I picked this J Crew wool/angora sweater up at my local thrift store for $2.99.

And when I say felted it, I mean as in purposefully shrinking it in very hot water, in the washing machine.  You can’t tell in the this pic but it’s baby sized now!  By felting the sweater I could cut out my stocking shapes and the edges will not unravel even when left “raw” or unfinished.

I used the ribbed edges from the sleeves and necklines so that the tops of the 3 stockings would have ribbing.  I used my sewing machine to stitch around each stocking but left the top of each one "open".   I then hand stitched my “string” with aqua colored embroidery floss... since I use a lot of aqua in my living room.

And voila… my version of the PB pillow.  Of course, when I brought it out to show my husband and son… well they wanted to know why I made a pillow with 3 “J’s” on it…. men!

Another tidbit of the main Christmas tree…

Here’s hoping you had a great weekend… the countdown to Christmas is on!

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  1. Love your PB versions ~ you did a fabulous job!

  2. Great job on your version. I have been saying this now for two days...PB, and anthro need to step aside, they have nothing on you girls! Thanks for sharing and joining in on the fun.

  3. Love the pillows sooo cute
    great job
    Merry Christmas

  4. Chris, you're pillows turned out beautifully! You are so ambitious! I had plans to make the stocking pillow too...even have the stockings! but, then, I forgot about it! Maybe I'll work on that today! After I was the windows...darn sun!
    Have a great day!

  5. Love your version of the stocking pillow! I think I need to make a poinsettia pillow now...

  6. What a perfect ornament for Red Gate Farm!
    Love the poinsettia pillow. Not sure I'dlike to lay my head on those jingle bells, though ;)
    I know, It's just for decoration :)

  7. Must feel very fulfilling to add some new handmade touches !

    I just found your blog :-}
    Do come say hi to my ceramic animals.


  8. Three J's!! Those are so obviously stockings! Men.
    Your pillows are adorable!

  9. Wow, you did a fantastic job. I love both of them. It must of been fun to shrink a sweater on purpose. No shrieking when that sweater came out of the dryer.

  10. Those cushions are gorgeous! I especially like your take on the mitten cushion - well done!

  11. OMG! Love your pillows!!! I want some! Please share these at my linky party going on now over at The Inspired Collection!


  12. Looks like it took a lot of work, my mom was really good using her hands and making things like this. And she was good at it as well. Richard

  13. I love all of these pillows. My sewing machine is sick right now but handmade would make these even better!

  14. Love that poinsettia pillow! I would like to try it in red. Very pretty!

  15. Your pillows are wonderful. Your version of the hanging stockings, with the aqua is delightful . . . I may find some time to copy your idea . . . if not now . . . next year for sure . . .

  16. Well, aren't you just the bee's knees! Fantastic. I LOVE making pillows too, and just finished some for my sister for Christmas.

    Excellent copying with your own twist!

  17. I like yours better! Sew pretty!

  18. You are on a very creative roll - nicely done!

  19. Oh my goodness. Look at you go. The pillows are gorgeous and you are very crafty and resourceful. The sweater idea is so smart. Much better than knitting stockings. (Or J's. That's word for word what the men at my house would have said.)
    You are certainly getting your Christmas cheer on, Chris!

  20. Loving your version of the pillow Chris, and laughed right out loud at what your men folk said!!

    Oh, and while I'm visiting, I notice that a lot of you bloggers in the US talk about using 'dropcloth' for your projects, this stuff looks really cool, but could you perhaps describe it for me, ie., is it like a linen, canvas, cotton??? We have what we call dust sheets in the UK but I'm not sure that they're the same stuff and don't want to buy one only to find that it's a waste of money.

    Judi x


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