Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another holiday tour....

I haven’t shown many photos from our main living space all decorated for the holidays… I thought I’d give you a little tour just as if you’d dropped by Red Gate Farm.  We don’t actually have any snow this Christmas, nor any predicted, but I couldn't resist a front shot from a few winters ago.

Our house is an old farmhouse, built in 1920, like many old country houses the front door faces “the road” but the back door is actually where everyone enters… well unless you’re the UPS man the other night… for some reason he came to our front door, in the dark, through the grass because there is no sidewalk.  Considering how many UPS deliveries I’ve had this holiday season it was apparent that this was a substitute driver!  But back to the tour….

Welcome to Red Gate Farm, the original front porch was enclosed decades ago, it is where the real-yet-faux tree resides.  Another door, the original front door, welcomes you into my living room… the only main living space in our house.

First you will notice my collection of waterless snow globes… I even made one out of a vintage tinsel tree and vintage jar.

As you look across the room, still standing at the front door, you can see our cabinet that was made from an old store refrigerator/freezer cabinet, as well as my garden gate hanging on the wall.

The cabinet gives me an opportunity to fill it with Christmas treasures…

Including one of my many vintage, light up, ceramic trees.  This one was given to me by a family friend a couple of years ago.  Hard to get a good photo since it’s actually in the center section of the cabinet which does have glass.

And the garden gate?  Well it’s all decorated for the holidays too with some of my small sized paper wreaths and a few bits and bobs…

Including this tiny, vintage photo of a Christmas tree.

I made a second paper tree to keep my first attempt company.  The second tree was made of old sheet music rather than the Reader’s Digest.  Along with a fun bottle brush tree and some vintage paper angels….

This one is a bit smudged, but I love the little details like the foil “hymn book”.

And looking at the room from the other side… well I could have tidied up before taking this photo…. The bookshelf in the corner is hard to photograph, but I have filled it with items too.

And the table at the end of the sofa… another vintage, ceramic tree replaces a lamp that usually sits here.

The window holds a vintage "candolier", complete with vintage bulbs.  I don’t try to light this so sitting in the window frame is a good spot.

And a close up of the bookshelf?  Well I have this fabulous, glittery, light up “candle”… think lava lamp since it is full of some sort of thick, gooey liquid.  When it lights up and is warm the glitter dances all around.  A silver tree in an old aqua jar round out the vignette.

And a couple of battery operated candles join a putz style house under a glass cloche.

And finally the other corner of the room.  This corner has no electrical outlet, so there are not lighting options here… but the vintage oak desk holds a few treasures… plus you may notice some black and white photos above that are of the barn as it looked when we moved to Red Gate Farm 7 years ago this month.

This cute little vintage looking tree under glass came from a local gift store a couple of years ago… Grandiflora is a fabulous store just a few miles from my home.  This year they had their first every Christmas tree contest… I entered my tree and was one of the top ten winners!  How fun and what an honor to have my tree picked!

And finally, a cute little silver tinsel tree… in a vintage ceramic container… full of vintage Christmas matches.  These were meant to be given out as party favors at the holidays… perhaps I should think of parting with some?

As I finish this post about my living room... I realize that I could link so many items here to previous posts... I guess you could say that this room is really "my room"!

So here we are in the final days until the holidays… hope this finds you all well, if not prepared.  For me?  Well I plan to spend tonight wrapping gifts and tomorrow baking up a storm….


  1. i love your pics. the snowy pics ... just gorgeous ... sure wish you had some snow this year. it makes every thing look so pretty. what a lovely home. Merry Christmas!! (:

  2. Absolutely gorgeous...what a lovely home you have, I love all of your arts and crafty touches, so homey!

  3. So pretty; I stayed awhile and took it all in just a bit longer! I love that gate too. We don't have snow yet either--I was hoping for Christmas Day--but, not in the forecast. Love your posting--have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Great pictures Chris. I bet your home is beautiful at night when it's lit up. Nice to see something different than the traditional "red and green" scheme. Very festive. Happy Holidays.

  5. You have the best eye for vintage decorations! Those paper angels are so sweet. I love the gate on the wall, too.
    Have a Merry Christmas, Chris!

  6. Love the Lynden and Dairygold Butter box......memories from just north of the border....cute litte porch area too.

  7. First merry Christmas to you and your family and wishing you a happy new years as well. I'm going on a blog break now and wanted to wish you a happy holidays. Richard

  8. Your home is lovely, and I love your vintage decorations. That's what I aspire to, someday! Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. It all looks fabulous, Chris! I absolutely love all your trees, and how fun to dress up your gate for the holidays.
    Have a Very Merry Christmas, Chris!

  10. It's such a pretty house - Merry Christmas as you prepare to celebrate in such a lovely place!

  11. Thanks so much for the tour of your living room - all decked out for Christmas! I love your vintage decorations and the charming vignettes you've created with them, Chris. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday, too. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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