Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be still my heart...

February, a rather appropriate month for a racing heart wouldn’t you say?

And what do I owe MY racing heart to?  Not flowers or chocolate from my sweetie... Not finding the perfect little vintage bits and bobs at my local thrift/antique stores either... Perhaps it’s the once again non-stop weekends of painting, priming and prepping at my son’s new home… or perhaps the thought of my baby, my 22 year old baby that is, moving out on his own… or perhaps the middle of the night calls that don’t seem to cease even when said babies masquerading as adults move out and live on their own?

And really, don’t you think that babies should come with a warning label?  Something like “your heart now belongs to me… forever?”  Kind of appropriate right now with the month that shouts “Be Mine”!

With all the happenings around here, I did take time out to sprinkle a bit of Valentine’s fun around my home… my vintage Valentine’s of course mixed up with a bit of Red for Red Gate Farm.

As usual, a girl can never have too much glitter in her life…

Especially the glitter from Martha.  I found these two glass container and bottoms meant to make your own little snow type globes, waterless of course.  They came from a fabulous store in University Village (Seattle) named Impressions.  We stopped there a couple of weekends ago during the dress shopping trip.  They sold all kinds of fun things for stamping, scrap booking, etc…. and tons of fabulous unusual ribbon.  I picked up a few yards of a really fabulous one to use for the upcoming wedding (don’t you love how I manage to incorporate that into every post?)… I’ll have to share it with you another time…

The store also had cute pink bottle brush trees as well as some Martha Stewart craft products…

Although this heart glitter by Martha came from my local Michaels.  And as soon as I find my glue gun I’ll be putting this all together to make my very own Valentine’s heart/glitter/snow globe.  Hopefully BEFORE the big day next week...

A project that maybe, just maybe, I'll have time for this weekend, once I manage to wash all the paint and primer off my hands that is…  

Looking at a long weekend of painting, a short work week from my "real" paid job, and a lifetime title of "mom",

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  1. Loved your post today!! I'm with you on glitter, I can never get enough!!!
    I pop it on everything, LOL!!!
    Enjoy your crafting!
    Chris :o)

  2. Great pink and red, glitter and vintage, tender and loving, "mom" post.
    Be Still MY Heart . . .

  3. Very pretty! Love the glitter hearts and the vintage pieces. The scrabble letters are so cute too.

  4. Moms always worry about 'the empty nest' and then, more times than not, after they are gone they talk to you more than when they were at home...silly kids. xo

  5. Very sweet! I love your style! You can come decorate my house anytime!

  6. Pink bottle brush trees...i'm in love!! thanks for joining in for VIF!

  7. I've never heard of a Valentine snow globe. CAn't wait to see how it turns out!

  8. I'm starting to notice a couple of 'themes' emerging from your blog these days! ;-) I hope you get all your projects completed and glitter to your heart's content. Have a great weekend.

  9. Have fun with all that glitter!
    Lovely weekend to you :)
    xo, misha

  10. NO pressure but I would love to see that!

  11. I love those scrabble tiles on the rack. I kind of want the rack, too! It looks like you have some fun glittery toys to play with~enjoy!

  12. I never buy a greeting card for my (girl) grandchildren except that it has glitter on it. I remember getting glittery greeting cards as a child and I was always mesmerized by them. Still am. Hope your masquerading adult child gives your heart less to race over...they usually do, but it takes time on both sides. Happy V Day!


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