Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where I've been lately....

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much… at least I hope you noticed… then again, maybe I don’t want to know that you haven’t noticed!

I’ve been here….

Priming and painting up a storm, at least when I’m not at work… the paid kind of work that is.  This is my son’s new/old house.  A cute little place built in 1948.  He purchased his house from a cute 90+ little old lady.  It’s a perfect starter home for him that mostly just needs a few updates and a lot of paint.  I’m basically painting anything that doesn’t move… or at least it seems like it after 3 weekends.  Lots of cabinets, doors and trim... plus wall and ceilings too!

One of the first things I noticed, after the huge row of old lilac bushes, was the fabulous floor at the back door… and you all know how I feel about cool old linoleum floors!

There is even this old flooring on the shelves in the “fruit room” in the basement.  The house has a fabulous basement… it’s as big as the house and doesn’t have a really low ceiling.  Lots of potential.

And the back door still has the original lock with just a skeleton type key.  You don’t see that very often.

It’s a super bright house with great southern light exposure.  Very important in this part of the country where we have more than our share of gray and dreary days.

The bedrooms have beautiful original fir floors…

And the living room floors are the original oak… the wood floors were covered with carpet that wasn’t great and so it was removed.  Plus who wouldn’t want the wood floors instead?

The little old lady even left some furniture behind, which is wonderful since my son doesn’t own much of his own yet…

And she even left a little companion for him, this cute little dog doorstop.  I'd really like to plan a little "petnapping" every time I see this little guy.

So if you’re wondering where I am for the next few weekends, I’m probably still here… paint brush in hand and painting away.


  1. i have missed you so much. was wondering what you has been up to. you have been busy & working hard. what a cute place. what a sweet mom you are!! have fun & don't work to hard painting & all. (:

  2. Of course you've been missed! But I bet you are having such fun helping your son with his wonderful new space - enjoy!

  3. What an adorable little place for your son. Your are a very nice mom, Chris.

    Looking forward to the 'after' shots.


  4. What a wonderful mom you are. Great place.

  5. It looks like your son has chosen a great place to will look lovely with a few {or more} coats of paint. How sweet of you to be doing this in your spare time. That dresser looks lovely...maybe with a coat of white paint??! :)


  6. How exciting for your son. I bet you guys are having fun even though you are working hard. He will remember you helping him with his first house for as long as he's lives.

  7. Looks like a fun project. I like the kitchen counter with the reminds me of the kitchen in my childhood home...and I love that room with the corner window! Have fun!

  8. Your son is lucky to get that treasure of a house and have a mom like you who will help out so much. I look forward to seeing it done. My daughter just got a house in Ohio and she is totally psyched to decorate it with antiques and light colors. Now to just get there for a visit from here in the gorge in Oregon.. it's 2000 miles away. You're so lucky that your son is close. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I've noticed your absence and figured it was something related to one of your kids. It wasn't all that long ago you were doing something similiar with your rental property. You must be as skilled as a professional painter and your son must be pleased that his Mom isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and pitch in. He must be soooo excited ... his first home! Happy painting.

  10. Even though it looks to need a lot of work, I can already tell I am in love with this house!

  11. You are a one good mama! That is a lot of work but will look so nice and bright when you're done. Love old homes and that you're brining this one back to life. And yes, you really need to dognap that cute little guy (if not, I may sneak over in the night to do it)! New GFC & Linky follower.

  12. How fun! Can't wait to see all the after photos!

  13. I'm sure he loves the help! If you find time be sure to take photos.

  14. What a good mom you are! That's a lot of work, and it looks like such a great little house.

  15. What a cute little place. The kitchen reminds me of my childhood home. We had that rounded end off of the counters with the shelves on it...very cool and retro! Our cat used to sit on the shelves and pounce on the dog when he passed by. Have fun painting...

  16. If you need any help with the "dog"napping, I'm game. Too cute. Glad he found such a charmer and I imagine he'll take very good care of it. Hope we get a little reveal......


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