Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random bits on a Tuesday

I'm not sure if it's the paint & primer fumes I've inhaled lately or just typical mid-week brain fog...

But I'm kind of random today.

I finally put my Valentine's decor away and brought out something a little bright and cheery for the upcoming-soon to be-I can wait for-daylight savings time will be here- days of spring.

I changed up the dining room table again, this time no one made fun of me... now that we're officially in empty nest mode it's a 50-50 split on the female/male ratio... well unless I count the dogs and then its 4 ladies to one fella.

Speaking of empty nests, they may not have a nest but a flock of swan's have taken up in our field since last Saturday... their numbers seem to grow a bit every day.  Strangely our two labs don't even seem to notice them... or mind that they are hanging out in the middle of our winter wheat.

But one thing our labs have noticed is that the bed they slept in every night is now gone.... a mostly empty room is left behind.... their boy moved to his first house of his own.

Left behind is just some books, hockey posters, Lego's and an old Snoopy collection from years ago.  Well and of course the paint job that was never finished.  Blue and green like a favorite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks.  Now covering up THAT is going to mean some more inhalation of primer fumes!

But now I have another room to fix up... this one into a real guest room, not a bed in my sewing room... and one with a door that actually latches so that said guests aren't awakened by said yellow and black labs... two almost 100 pound labs jumping on you in the morning is sure to keep the guest from staying more than a night or two!

I have lots of ideas for this room and I found this little gem for a bit of inspiration.

I'm thinking pale robin's egg blue/aqua walls like the sewing room but with some old quilts and fun pops of yellow perhaps instead of the pink.... as you can see I couldn't pass this chenille bedspread up since the price ($5.99) was certainly right!

And a final little inspiration and reminder of springtime to come... green and all the colors of flowers that I'm just dreaming about right now...

Counting down the final days of winter,


  1. I love that bedspread. Can`t wait to see the room all done up!


  2. I remember our kids finally vacating the premises - unfortunately the boys were going on 30! Long story there. Have you popped over for a visit to my blog yet? I posted one today about being tired of winter, too. Teresa in Oregon - the Columbia Gorge :-)

  3. It will be so much fun making that room into a proper guest room. The chenille spread is quite a find and in such good shape. I have one almost as nice but not such vivid colors, still I put it on our guest bed in the City House (Vancouver WA). I hope you will share the decorating as you go along. xo

  4. Paint fumes must be my problem this week.

    That bedspread is nice and for that price, WOW! I have one of my mom's and would love to put it on the iron bed I have for one of the bedrooms.....when my son finally moves out of the room I want as a guest room. Enjoy reding his room.

  5. I love that little piece of inspiration - the room will be so pretty. Just think - one day you'll have grandchildren staying in that pretty room.....

  6. You sound like you are longing for spring as much as I am. Very pretty bedspread! I think the colors you are dreaming about will look just perfect! What a great deal!

    Love the pictures of the swans. We have them on our lake and my dogs don't seem to mind them either!


  7. Those stacked cupcake holders are adorable...so clever and a cheery. And I love the bedspread...what a find!

  8. That chenille spread is beautiful! That room is going to turn out great. Can't wait for spring but with such a mild winter I'm afraid our blooms are going to be all messed up. The camillas and daffodils didn't do to well and now the azaleas & pear trees are already blooming!

  9. That's going to be a pretty room! I can't beleive the killer deal you got on that bedspread.

  10. sounds like a lot of fun! i am sure the new guest room is going to be beautiful! love the vintage chenille bedspread. have a great weekend!

  11. So glad I found your blog. Our 21 year old wants to move out and while we will miss him... his little brother can move into his room and then I will have a studio!

  12. Well someone you know may not be happy the Canucks lost last night but the male twin was ecstatic. : )

    I LOVE your inspiration. Sweet!


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