Monday, March 12, 2012

I love starting a new project....

Or two... or three... or four???

I started on my son's now vacant room, well vacant if you don't count the dog bed and desk chair that was left behind.  I had decided a number of years ago that I wanted both upstairs rooms to eventually be the same color.

I had chose an aqua blue (Blue Cypress by Behr) when I painted my sewing room.... chosen to match my vintage inspired wallpaper which I love and is along a wall that runs between both bedroom doors.  I must admit, it's my first and only wall paper attempt to date... and if you're familiar with the pattern... well it's actually upside down!

The current view of dark green and blue wasn't exactly the look I was going for...

And these paint colors took many coat to get them this dark... soI knew it would be many coats of primer to cover them up!

The stripes were an attempt to hide the funky wall on this side of the room... I believe there had been some water damage long before we moved to Red Gate Farm.  As you can see, my striping attempt never quite got finished....

So two coats of oil based primer later... I can still see blue.  Fortunately I am painting the room the soft, aqua blue and am hoping betting this will cover just fine.

After two coats of Blue Cypress and a coat of oil based primer on everything else that didn't stand still...

I'm liking it.... maybe even loving it... I decided to walk on the wild side and once again attempt stripes on this funky panel board like stuff.  However, this time the larger areas will be white and the small lines will be the  wall color.  As you can see there is also an access panel for the crawl space.  I plan to place the bed on this wall... my vintage iron head board... with a dresser on the left as a nightstand.  This will cover that door right up.

And the right side of the bed?  Well I already started project number two for the room... an old side table that I'm painting Duck Egg Blue in Annie Sloan chalk paint!  I think it's going to look fabulous.  Here the walls look a lot greyer than they are.

This shot is a bit truer in color... cute table huh?  And I have the best vintage lamps to go on the dresser/side table combo as well as this little table.

In my sewing room the colors I have used with the aquaish blue are pink and white...rather girly.  But that's ok  since it's MY room.  For this room, which will officially be the guest room, I wanted to use something else... this little vintage print was my inspiration... blue and shades of YELLOW!

I picked up a few pieces of fabric last weekend.  I want to use more of a pale golden yellow instead of a baby nursery yellow...  I'll probably make some throw pillows or pillow cases out of these fabrics... now I'm on the hunt for the perfect sheets in a vintage blue and golden yellow print...

This fabulous vintage purse, yep, it's actually a purse, will look right at home in the finished room.

Another print for the room... this one came from my son's new house.  It was left behind by the prior owners and I snapped it up.  It's an oil or acrylic painting on canvas... not sure about the frame yet... I may paint that too.

The base of a cute vintage lamp I've been hoarding saving for a number of years.

And the piece de resistance?  Well this vintage, full sized Hoffman chenille bedspread.  Purchased at our local thrift store.  The very first time I visited this store with my mom a lady was at the counter and was going to purchase this spread.  It has a tiny little hole on one corner, we're talking pin hole small, and she wanted them to mark the price down... since they don't change prices or negotiate she didn't purchase it.  When my turn came in line I asked the price.... $8.99!!  Of course, I brought it home... it will finally have a place of honor on the bed...

Well, on the bed only if the door is kept shut since this is what is usually on the bed...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...

It was rather bright and spring like here,


  1. It looks good ! Its fun to re do rooms ! Great photos. Have a good day !

  2. Oh I love your home! And your dogs..pretty lucky to have a sweet spot to watch the yard from!
    Your wall paper is wonderful! I am loving your colours for the room...great quilt! Crazy how some people can not be happy at a Thrift store! that was a great price!
    We are hoping to get to your neck of the woods over spring break..well Seattle anyway! But will be doing a few jobs here!
    ...Looking forward to seeing your so pretty bedroom!

  3. I love the color you chose and the stripes are perfect. That is such a great room with is little nooks and crannies. Have fun and enjoy the weather!

  4. I love your color choices. I have a project I have to start like that..but I keep putting it off. Love the picture of your dogs!

  5. The room is going to be gorgeous! The new color and accessories are lovely.

  6. Love the color you chose, the print of the little boy and girl in blue and yellow and the table . . . PERFECT!

  7. Hanging the wallpaper upside down sounds like something I would do, either way it is beautiful paper and looks great with the new wall color. Can't wait to see how this room turns out, especially with the sweet yellow fabrics.

  8. What beautiful changes you are making to your home. Good luck in getting it all done real soon:)

  9. Love the color of the wall! The vintage painting with the boy and girl is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see the room when it's all done. It's going to be great! Thanks for sharing the process. :) xo Heather

  10. Love it...what pretty colors! It feels good to get started on something new and see it all come together. Now, with all your energy, can I hire you to come this way and help me remodel?!

  11. Holy Cow! I would have paid $9.99 for that spread! Your inspiration piece - that little cottage - is so sweet and I can tell the room is going to be just beautiful.

  12. Beautiful changes. Reminds me of when I was moving and had to paint my house. My sons room was a disaster. Like after effects of a bomb going off. It looked so good when it was finished. Even he couldn't believe the difference. Boys are just natural born slobs in my opinion. Great post.

  13. That is going to be one beautiful room! I love the wall color and the yellow you're going to use. I can't wait to see it all finished!
    8.99 for that bedspread was a steal!! What was that woman thinking? Lucky for you she's so dang picky!

  14. Love the soft colors you've chosen and your perseverance of getting that old color painted over, Aloha Ral

  15. What fun.. a blank palette.. I look forward to seeing what you end up with!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Goodmorning Chris! I love that wallpaper, and who would EVER notice its upside down? Where is it from? LOVE it! I cant wait to see the finished room. My youngest son (who graduates next year) has the best room in our house...character and view. Although I enjoy his precious face...I am excited to make that room mine. Would be fun to meet for coffee one day, if you get to the Bremerton area let me know! Thanks for your visits to my blog:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. How fun! I can't wait to see what's in your head come to reality. And I can't wait to do this myself someday but I try not to think about it too's a long ways off. : ) (

    (but I still have managed to tuck a thing or two away!)


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