Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring cleaning... oops I mean painting

Actually the weekend wasn't all work.  I traveled south to Seattle on Saturday for a bit of a girls day with my daughter.  It was fun and relaxing since our plans changed at the last minute and we had the whole day to just do what we wanted.... shop, lunch, a walk under a bright afternoon sky.  But don't let me lead you on, in the morning it rained... imagine that but it also snowed and hailed on the trip.  Spring in the Pacific Northwest at it's finest... I know, it's not officially spring yet but this is pretty much what we get most years.  Fickle weather.

Surprisingly those 100 miles to the south make a large difference in our temperatures... which means a big difference in our growing seasons.  In Seattle cherry trees were starting to bloom, some of the early bloomers were full on beautiful... daffodils and crocuses were abundant... forsythia too.

In my neck of the woods?  Well the hyacinths are just waking up...

As are the daffodils...

And the skies?  Well this is pretty much what we see... grey, white and sometimes if we're lucky a bit of blue!

I shouldn't complain... once the sun begins to shine well it really means time for some spring cleaning.  Those winter skies certainly hide the dust bunnies and the plain old dust well...  Once the sun starts streaming in the window I can't pretend I don't see the streaks and dog nose prints on the windows...

But that cleaning was put off for another weekend... since I'm still here.  The walls are pretty much done but I've just begun on the floors...

A coat of primer and then the start of the painting....

Once coat down... two or three more to go.  Then the fun can begin.  The stuff.  The furniture... oh the plans I have stuck up here in my head...

And I'd better get moving...

The spring days and the gardens are calling me as well,


  1. The room already looks great, so fresh and clean, it will be so fun for you to put your dreams into action. - It is stange to see the differnce at this time of year as you travel south, I will travel to Portland tomorrow and expect some surprises there. - Have a great week. xo

  2. what gorgeous flowers. spring is so grand. enjoy!! your work is coming along. take a break. (:

  3. It looks so pretty! The floor is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the finished room.


  4. Beautiful outside and in! Great shots.

  5. It is looking wonderful! I am excited to see the finished room! Beautiful spring blooms! :) xo Heather

  6. That's going to be such a beautiful room!

  7. Oh, I want to see some flowers! We have to settle for grocery store daffodils for now, as our garden is still covered in snow. I can't wait for our bulbs to bloom - we planted a ton of them last fall! I am so envious of your trip to Seattle and Sherri B's trip to Portland. I am homesick!

  8. I love the way the blue of the room connects to the blue in the wallpaper. Is the floor going to be that buff color? Good choice! It's fun to see the room come together, and I look forward to seeing it with all the "schtuff" in it. Teresa :-)

  9. That blue paint is so soft and soothing. Very nice with the wallpaper. I'll be glad when our fickle weather changes to something a bit more reliable!

  10. I tore the carpeting out of my bedroom and the floors were horrible. I have wanted to paint them, I can hardly wait to see your finished project~

  11. The room is going to be lovely!
    We might have passed one another last weekend, as I was down that way too, looking for the illusive MOB dress.
    How are your plans coming?


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