Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Or as I like to call it Simply Not Optimal Weather.  Yep it snowed here again... not a lot in inches but the snow and ice on the road made for an icy commute to work and it was cold, 26 degrees cold that is.

My poor plants aren't sure what's going on... one day sunny and mild, spring seems to be on its way and then "oops" here's a little snow again.

My garden is confused and so am I.  March isn't supposed to bring snow... when February is over we are supposed to enter the limbo month of March and just get grey and wet.  Well if I'm completely honest that sometimes describes April... and May... and June as well.

But really, I need some warmish days to get out into the gardens and clean up from last season... I know, I know I should have done it in the fall but I always think I'll have another weekend and next thing you know it's March and crocus and hyacinths are peaking up through the weeds and dead and dry hydrangea blossoms.

This brave hydrangea has both new and old blossoms to show off.... hopefully that visit from 26 degrees won't mean this little guy will turn dark and die back...

And the Autumn Joy sedum is giving me a little bit of spring joy too.

I'm always amazed that the delicate looking delphinium unfurls in the still cold weather.

Our snowy morning certainly turned into a cold, clear, sunny afternoon in my neck of the woods... soon this old azalea will trade the orangey-red buds for orange blossoms.

Even my shrub rose Bonica is showing signs of spring and the fabulous pink flowers to come.

And perhaps you were wondering what that spiky, torture chamber looking device was at the start of this post?  Nope, not a bed of nails... I found it today at the thrift store... for $5.99... in the original box... never used.  It's a flower frog unlike any I already have.

It's got handy, dandy little clips that mean you can snap/slide it together in different configurations as needed.

Can you say "great find"?  Sometimes the ladies at the thrift store think I go for the odd stuff... but who could pass up this little gem... especially a "frog" collector like myself AND I was thrilled to find something to remind me that spring is just around the corner...

Something besides the swans that seem to finally be moving out of our field and off to their spring and summer palaces.

Of course, my hellebore really reminds me that snow will soon be a distant memory... or at least where it belongs... in a cone, with syrup and a spoon at the beach...

Enjoying the sunny afternoon,


  1. When I left the Skagit Valley yesterday, the swans were still lingering around..they are so beautiful. - I bet my hubby had to drive in the same weather as you this morning..he's working up at BP in Blaine. - Your Bonica is sure shooting out, mine here in Vancouver (WA) has nothing on it at all. - This weather is so strange, perhaps we will have a nice spring and summer..we can hope! xo

  2. I certainly hope this strange weather is a foreboding of a nice hot sunny spring and summer! Oh yeah, great find...I've never come across one quite like that.
    We only got a few flakes here, nothing that stuck but it was cold...about 28. Supposed to warm up tomorrow but who knows?

  3. Great find of the old time frog! You're so lucky to have swans there -- what kind are they? We have swans that winter over in a pond by Rooster Rock in the gorge but I've never gotten a good photo of them. Now that I have a Big Girl Camera, I'll be ready when they come back next winter!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I am NOT a fan of this weather...I do not like it, not one little bit. I want to plant things! Speaking of which, I love that hellebore plant. I've just recently been introduced to them. Do they grow well in shade?

  5. Your spring is arriving faster than ours although seeing your Hellebore reminds me to check mine. I have three large plants and they produce more flowers each year . . . One of my very favourite . . .

  6. We're right there with you! Winter Storm Warning Sunday night, temp of 52 degrees yesterday...what a mixed-up spring! I still have oodles of indoor spring cleaning to do though...I'll take a little extra time if I can get it!

  7. We never even had a good freeze for a few days! It is going to be a mosquito-tick-flea-all bugs-happy kinda spring/summer! Oy!!
    Or maybe we will get a blizzard like the southeast did in '93!

    I love "frogs" and have NEVER even seen one in a shop to purchase.
    Yep. Great find for sure :)
    Have a fab day!
    xo, misha

  8. p.s. I am having a giveaway of a copy of Flea Market Style Magazine. Come by!

  9. Same here! Gorgeous Monday and then Tuesday was super wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindy. (See it blew my i all over the place!) Tuesday got cold too. Still cold. Thought we were done running the heater, but had to turn it back on again yesterday and today.

    Oh.....and you would have cracked up at my face when I saw that flower frog! I think it was a mix between and I'm so excited for you and I'm so jealous too, but I don't want you to know I'm jealous, but I really am. Jealous that is. Oh and happy for you too. No, I mean it. I'm really happy you found that stinkin' cute flower frog in JADEITE GREEN!!!!!! I guess I'll just have to Pin It so I can imagine it's mine. :)

  10. That frog is great~even the color is cool!
    Your plants are WAY ahead of anything here. I hope the snow didn't do too much damage.

  11. Won't you be, please won't you be, please won't you be my gardener?

    Love your thrift find too!


  12. Crazy how you got so much more snow than us this winter. We hardly got any...and now this week in the 60's and maybe 70's. Weirdest winter I can remember. Can't believe how much your stuff is budding. Makes me achy for spring.


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