Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #2 - Do we buy or do we rent?

One of the challenges for an outdoor, backyard, at home,  kind of wedding is what to rent and what to buy?  Saving money is always a "good thing" but not everything is worth owning... especially if I need enough for a wedding with 150 guests!

My daughter's wedding will be held in the beautiful spot, courtesy of the parents of the groom.  You couldn't ask for a more beautiful location.

A view of the Puget Sound.  The wedding will be in mid August so hopefully the day will be as lovely as this one was.  I can see the chairs lined up for the ceremony, overlooking the water....

But... and a big but that is... this is Washington and even in mid August we can't always count on a rain free day.  So one of the most important items being rented is a tent.... A tent very similar, if not the same, as this one... in fact, I imagine it will look a little like this...

The white chairs and tables will also be rented.  These chairs are exactly like the rental chairs we will be using.   The chairs will pull double duty during the ceremony and at the reception.  You could not purchase chairs and tables for what they can be rented for.

The plan is for a similar look to this... complete with white paper lanterns and clear sparkling lights.  Being on the water the tent will have side panels since it will most likely be windy.

Source: via Red on Pinterest

Round white table linens and napkins will also be rented.  The "right" color of purple couldn't be found so we did purchase table sheers to go over the plain white tablecloths.  As you can see, it will be a fantastic contrast with the white napkins and milk glass center pieces.

Another rental to consider is the table settings.... silverware, glasses, plates, cups.  And believe me, the costs can really add up.  One piece of silverware can set you back $.50 and up... multiple times 3 for a complete setting and times 150 guests and you have $225 just in silverware.  Believe it or not, plates and glasses can be less and of course, you only need one of each!  The decision here was to just buy the silverware... at thrift stores and garage sales.  I started collecting it right away and have enough place settings for 175... and I only spent about $68!  Plus this is an easy to store item for future events here at Red Gate Farm.  Unlike plates and glasses that I really wouldn't want to store nor wash!  Of course this is a hodge podge of settings, which will be a fun, eclectic and personal look on each table... no two will be exactly the same!

I've also amassed a little collection of white, milk glass like coffee or tea cups.  I have 25 which really should be enough for an evening wedding.... I think the lemonade, ice tea, wine and beer will be more popular... so those glasses will be rented.  Coffee cups to rent are around $.45... I got all 25 for under $7.00.  (And by the way... the purple and green here are THE colors of the wedding)

And all those milk glass vases I've been working on?

THIS is the look we're going for on each table...

and here again... What do you think?  A winner?

Much to my surprise when I met with the florist that will be creating the bridal party flowers, well she RENTS these for weddings/events.  In fact she only has around 25 or so... my collection of just bud vases has grown to over 65... so she asked if I would be interested in renting my vases to her!  Wow, maybe I'll even earn a little pocket change!

And the cost of all those vases?  Well they've all been $.29 to $.59 a piece, with just one or two exceptions... a few were even free... so of course, we won't be renting these!

Come back next Wednesday for my next "installment" of Wedding Wednesday,


  1. I love the centerpiece idea! Everything sounds lovely.

  2. Oh my gosh Chris...what a wonderful wedding it's going to be! Look at that setting for the can't get much prettier than that. You're right about the weather in the PNW being unpredictable even in mid-August. When my oldest daughter and her hubby got married in British Columbia we were very was sunny but VERY hot that day. It was an outside wedding and they rented a tent very much like the one you show here. In fact the inside was nearly identical except they had 3 heavy glass vases filled with beautiful stones and candles on each table. The tent was well worth it! Love the colors your daughter has chosen and I can't wait to see your next installment! I hope your weeks is a good one.
    Maura :)

  3. Everything looks lovely and vintagey! I was happy to read that you are renting a tent. The PNWet cannot be trusted. My dear friend's daughter got married in August and it poured all day and all night, fortunately, they had a big tent.
    I love the silverware too! You'll be able to use that for years at many events. Good thinking!

  4. Love the centerpieces with the milk glass!! So pretty!! I can tell it will be such a gorgeous wedding!! xo Heather

  5. Oh my goodness! How wonderfully fun to be planning a wedding. I absolutely, POSITIVELY, love those vases. You are going to create such a beautiful event. I can just picture it. Gorgeous!

  6. Lately, every time I go thrifting (or junkin) as I call it, I see those white vases and think of you. LOL. There is alot of them out there.

  7. The setting is so lovely and the details are coming together nicely! Love the milkglass centerpieces. And you are being quite thrifty too!

  8. I can't imagine the undertaking...but it's coming off beautifully! The tent will be perfect against rain or heat, and the silverware will come in handy for the future. Can't wait to see more!

  9. It will be 3 years this July when our daughter married her sweet was a tented wedding on his family farm. The ceremony boosted 102 degree's the pictures overcast..a photographers dream! ....the reception rain hail thunder & the most lightening strikes recorded in history! The dance under the weeping willow strung with lights 100% humidity but no rain!! We had a BLAST! was beautiful & memorable!
    Your venue is stunning and your daughters choices so pretty! I applaud your great ideas for the cutlery! I would tho try for more hot drink cups..even if you have hot weather people like coffee with dessert..but thats just me! So excited to see you using the milk glass this will be wonderful! We where just @ a wedding with milk glass holding roses & hydrangea! it looked so fresh & bride like! I am so enjoying your post about this wedding! so special!

  10. Eeeps.

    I better get working on some of the things I need to get done... You're making me feel like a slacker.

  11. Fabulous plans. . . . Puget Sound views will be wonderful. I am enjoying being able to catch a glimpse of the big day. White vases and flowers . . . great idea . . . Enjoy each moment . . . It will fly by very fast.

  12. I've just rabbit-trailed my way to your blog and I love your daughter's wedding plans! You've found the most beautiful items all while being thrifty. Beautiful color choices and all to be held in a beautiful setting.
    Our two eldest daughters were married at home and we purchased some of the items rather than rent as well. I don't regret having all these water goblets (I've given some to the daughters.) And the centerpieces we used were given as gifts to the guests.
    You will have wonderful memories to cherish!

  13. You are doing well to do so much collecting ahead of time. I do hope you share photos of the event with us! I've started to collect hobnail vintage items.. the clear kind with milk glass on the bumps and milk glass at the top. My sis just picked up a vase for me in Spokane. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. I think you are goig to have a lovely wedding with just the right balance of elegant and sweet. The vases are going to be so pretty! The green and purple is beautiful.

  15. What a lovely wedding it will be - I love all your ideas. The setting will be fabulous.

  16. Chris, this is going to be such a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing all of your finds and great ideas!
    Your yard is looking so pretty! How are those zinnias doing? Always look forward to one of your posts!


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