Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #5 - Chalkboards

Knowing that we were going to have lots and lots of chalkboards at the wedding I began collecting thrift store and garage sale frames.  So far for my six frames I've spent a whole $23.00... and the largest frame already had a board in it ready for the chalkboard paint... and it's pretty big.

Originally I planned to use pure white Annie Sloan Chalk Paint along with a sample of Paris Gray to accent all of the detailing on most of the frames... however once I got going I decided the Pure White was just too white and ended up mixing it 50/50 with Old White...

One frame still has it's glass and since we are planning to use chalkboard markers instead of chalk, we can actually just paint the cardboard backing, leave the glass and write directly on the glass...

This big one set me back $4.50 and the oval just $3.00

I love the ornate details of the oval frame and it is actually the only one that isn't wood... it's some sort of foam/plastic and is very lightweight.  That could really come in handy depending on how we decide to use it.

I painted multiple coats of Pure White, then Paris Gray, then the mixture of Pure White and Old White...

I think the Paris Gray was a good idea since all of this detail would have disappeared.  For the flat frames I just dry brushed some here and there....

And I must admit... I just couldn't bring myself to paint over this picture...

Olga went to a lot of trouble back in '61 to make this beauty... it probably hung on the paneled wall above the fake rock fireplace... shag carpet... perhaps avocado green or orange... a fabulous plaid couch...

But really, I didn't want to black chalkboard paint over this so what to do, what to do?  Well I used the non-artwork side instead... not wanting in wandering guests to see the backside of this when it is at the wedding I figured I would cover it with something.  We found this fabulous wrapping paper at Paper Source for half price... PERFECT!

In fact I got two rolls and we'll be using it on the backs of all of the boards...

Now I just need to find a few more vintage, real slate boards like this one to mix into the DIY boards.  I'll be stalking etsy and eBay for a while...

And when I'm not?  Well I'll be out in the gardens... hopefully enjoying another sunny evening and weekend,


  1. Thought id stop by and wish everyone a great memorial day weekend. Richard

  2. You have come up with another great idea . . . Love it!

  3. I would never have guessed that the ornate frame was not real. They all are turning out very nice with that white.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  4. What a wonderful idea!! You're one of those wonderfully talented people out there in blogland - have a great weekend - sending you lots of sunshine!

  5. Great idea love it ! We need rain has been hot,humid and sunny for over a week now . Have been watering the gardens every evening . Hope your weekend is full of sun and fun !

  6. I really cannot wait to see this wedding!

  7. Your chalkboards are going to look great at the wedding, Chris. I love that you added grey to highlight the details. I'm keeping that idea in mind for an ornate picture frame I picked up. We are having wonderful weather for painting and chalk board making here, but unfortunately my kidney stones are acting up and I'm out of painting-commission for a few days.

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