Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #6 - growing your own

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Welcome to week six of my daughter's wedding countdown…. Only 10 weeks and a couple of days to go until the big day…. 72 days or so that is.

This past weekend I spent most of it working in the gardens here at Red Gate Farm.  Planting hundreds of my little zinnia seedlings for the wedding.  Green “Envy”, pure white with green centers and even purple with green centers.  The wedding colors of course.

Two entire rows of just these 3 colors.  Believe it or not but you’re looking at about 250 zinnias here…. Now I just need to keep them alive and growing for the next 72 days…

Because this is what we want to see… in white milk glass vases of course… on every table at the dinner/reception…
Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

As well as in mason jars along the aisle like this….

And see these little pots of impatiens?  I grew them from seed as well.  I planted over 400 impatien seeds back in March… started them inside and just recently moved them out to the greenhouse.  Most have made their way into my flower beds but I saved a few to plant in these 6 white IKEA pots.  We’ll spread them around at the wedding...

And those IKEA pots?  Cheap, cheap and they come in a variety of sizes.  The larger size will house 4 of these white shrub roses…. aptly named Gourmet Popcorn… little buds are already forming…

And perhaps the larger IKEA pots for these two Limelight Hydrangea “trees” that I picked up this weekend?  For the altar area.  The thought was originally to use plain hydrangea bushes but when I saw these I couldn’t resist.  One of my favorite hydrangeas in a tree or topiary form!!  The owner of the nursery told me these would be big, beautiful and bushy in 72 days….

And this cute little iron item?

Or this one?  Well they are vintage iron pieces that would have held railroad bells… at a station perhaps?  The green one was from my mom and the black one from a local antique store… and what will they hold come the wedding?

These wire baskets full of cascading purple flowers of course!

Just need to keep everything growing and growing for the next 72 days,

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  1. okay - knowing your so close, i think i just may pretend to be a guest and crash the wedding! i am amazed at all of the 'hands on' work you are doing and growing it all from seed...makes it all the more special! loving those vintage pieces you say might be from an old railroad bell to hold flower baskets, love them! Thanks so much for linking up to the garden party over here! hugs to you! and just want to say once again how amazing you are!!!! xoox, tracie

  2. This already is gorgeous and is going to look absolutely amazing by wedding day! And you are a very busy lady--I got tired just reading this post!

  3. I can picture all of that beauty, the wedding will be glorious and how special it will be that you have grown so much yourself. Your daughter will be showing her children photos and telling of how 'Grandma' grew these herself. xo

  4. You can do it! It's going to be marvelous!

  5. Sounds like it will be an absolute beautiful wedding.

  6. Oh my, I want to put you in my hip pocket! What a delight this wedding will be . . . Love the old urn like pieces. And the green Zinnas will be scrumptious!

    So happy you are sharing your plans/ideas with us! Thank you . . .

  7. Chris, you flowers are growing so beautifully!! The wedding is going to be so lovely!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  8. it all sounds so very let's all pray for Mother Nature to co-operate right?!

  9. Chris
    That is really going to be some wedding!
    You are well on your way to having many beautiful flowers.
    I love the green zinnias!

  10. So exciting!!!
    I love the countdown and cannot wait for the big day :)
    xo, misha

  11. I am so enjoying these updates and am certainly retaining your ideas to "borrow" someday for my daughter!!
    I have one of those limelight hydrangea's and it is my FAVORITE!!!
    They dry really well too! I have a huge bouquet in a large, white it!
    Sorry to hear about hubby...I love Dr. Baker in Bellingham for implants and such. He's really wonderful! good luck!

  12. Letting you know you've been featured over here at Fishtail Cottage! :)

  13. Oh - my - gosh! I'm over here from Fishtail Cottage and I'm in AWE! I love what you are doing. Flowers are such a HUGE expense when it comes to weddings - how awesome that you are actually growing your own - it will make everything just that much more special! I picked up some of the same IKEA white ceramic pots that you did! Will be looking forward to reading more about the wedding!!! Congratulations to the happy couple!... Donna

  14. Amazing! This will be the most beautiful wedding ever and you've done an amazing job planning and preparing. Can't wait to see how things progress.

  15. Simply amazing and what a wonderful gift for your daughter to be able to grow and provide the flowers for her big day. I look forward to following you and seeing all the progress before the big day as well as the final results

  16. Chris: I found you at Fishtail Cottage and am in love with your wedding plans. I have to follow along. Come join me at the Cottage, I would love to meet you. (If you have the time!) You are going to be busy for the next 72 days, at least..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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