Thursday, May 23, 2013

a clematis, a few peonies and the one that got away....

I'm certainly happy that I picked out a white clematis a few years ago instead of the purple jackmanii I was thinking of.  My husband's grandmother had one that was beautiful.

Another one I passed up was the pink comtesse de bouchaud... our last name is almost the same, but pink wouldn't do.

I knew that in a few years that tiny little twig would be much larger and covered with white flowers.  Against the red of the coop it was a no brainer.... although if you look very closely, the petals have a hint of lavender.  I'll have to check my garden journal, but I think the name was Gillian Blades.

I DO know this name for sure, it is my festiva maxima peony.  Also white...

And in just a couple of days...

The first blooms has fully opened.

I'm looking forward to these, new to my garden peonies, to add their beauty...

and fragrance.

So that's the clematis and peony update... but the one that got away?  Well it was one of these beauties.  Perhaps you aren't familiar with vintage iron gliders.  They certainly are not common in my part of the country.  From the 40's to the 50's these graced front porches.  I'm not sure if they were not popular in Washington because of our short and cooler summers... summers without a lot of need to sit on a shady front porch and gently swing away the day with a glass of lemonade... 

More likely the less romantic notion that they all rusted away into a pile of junk is what happened to them all... Either way I had never seen one in person. 

Around the first of April we were driving through our local little town of Lynden, WA and passed by my favorite antique store.  Since it was a Friday evening all the stores were closed along the main street and I spied something at the front of the store... and you've probably guessed by now that it was a vintage metal glider!  I could hardly believe it and practically caused an accident when I shouted out "OMG" from the back seat!  My husband was not as impressed as I.

The next day was a baby shower for a cousin's daughter and the drive to the shower took me right by the antique store.  A quick stop to see the price tag of $480... hmmm I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much.  It certainly wasn't in perfect condition and had been painted (or primed) white.... but looked pretty much like these with a similar design.

Over the next 6 or 7 weeks I drove by that antique store quite a few times,  even stopping in once or twice.  Always checking to see if  "my glider" was still there.  Finally on the Friday before Mother's Day I stopped again and noticed it was "on sale" for $400.  Well that was certainly sounding a little better... I purchased a couple of odds and ends that day and the owner of the store asked me about a purchase of a vintage light my husband had made the week before... while we were chatting I brought up the glider and told her I was very interested, she said they could even do a bit better on the price...  I should have taken that offer and ran but I hesitated.

You see my still husband wasn't the biggest fan of the glider... it's large and heavy.  Where would it go?  Of course I ALREADY knew EXACTLY where it would go.

Right here!

 I had imagined it tucked away in a spot under the trees behind our house... I even had a plan for the tree sap... 

Because nobody wants to deal with tree sap and pine needles while they swing to and fro sipping their lemonade, right?

So quite literally my plan.  That I drew and I've had for 3 or 4 years now.

You see a few years ago my daughter and I spied this cute little building at Ravenna Gardens in Seattle.  Made from salvaged windows and tin roofing.  I have imagined this little building, with built in seating, under these trees for years now... but the glider, well this could be built to hold the glider instead of a built in bench!   (and by the way... THIS is my picture, even my daughter there, but I couldn't find it... when you google "Ravenna Gardens building" this is one of the images you find! ha was I surprised).

So I was now determined to purchase the glider... however the store closes at 5:00 so I couldn't stop on Monday... then Tuesday I got out of work late, Wednesday the owner wasn't there to "negotiate" and Thursday I had to head to Seattle for work... although we got home early I was tired and figured I'd pop in on Friday.  Friday morning I dilly dallied a bit at home and headed over to Lynden a little later than planned.... so I thought I'd swing in the thrift store first, then stopped by Kermit's Kastle since my dad was there helping out and I had something for my mom... chit chatted with my dad for 20 minutes or more and then said I needed to get going.  I left, confidently telling my husband on the way out that I was heading to the antique store to buy the glider!  Now the antique store is literally 3 or 4 minutes from Kermit's Kastle... I parked on the side street (the store is on a corner) and headed up the sidewalk and around the corner... holding my breath as I came around the corner and YES the glider is still there...

but wait...

there is a lady putting a HOLD TAG ON MY GLIDER!

I don't know what was worse... missing out on my little dream or missing out by just a FEW SECONDS!  Sigh.

It would have been so cute painted aqua and nestled in my little imaginary building...

So if you ever spy one of these somewhere in Washington (or even Oregon... California...) ... maybe, just maybe, you can drop me a line?

And now I think I'll go and work on the procrastination gene of mine.

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  1. What a great clematis... it certainly does look happy, and the white's perfect! Larry

  2. omg. I love love love that glider! I will certainly keep my eyes open for you - you should have told me you were that close to me!!! I would have met up with you to finally meet you in person! Hope you are having a good week! xoox, tracie

  3. I'm feeling your frustrating!!! I love those gliders too. My cousin has a lovely yellow and white one, that she is not willing to part with :( !!!!!!

  4. Love your peonies and I especially loved your story of the glider. Hopefully a better one is coming along ;) You definitely found the perfect spot for it.

    Visiting from FNF


  5. there will be another glider at some point. Tell the owner of the store to keep an eye out for you and maybe she can find one for you. That glider was a beauty though!

  6. Oh dear that would so happen to me. So sad. I hope you find one soon. Your house is so cute, I love all your things and especially you peonies. Mine get buds but then the thrips attack. I'm too far south. If I lived by you I would have to have a zillion!! Hope you find an aqua glider very soon!!!

  7. I have been in that situation more times than I can count! Hope someday you find another glider. LOVE your beautiful peonies!

  8. Oh I am so sorry that you missed out on the glider. How heartbreaking. That happened recently to my DD and a mirror at Goodwill. I told her that it wasn't meant to be and something better will come along. I bet something better will come along for you. A better price for a better glider.
    Mine looks like the one in your first picture. My DFIL bought it at garage sale up the street from me, only I didn't live here then. He paid.....25.00 for it!! They set it under a tree and my DMIL would come out and enjoy an afternoon in it. They decided to get rid of it, so I asked for it and sure enough, I brought it back to my little town. I wonder if it's original owner has seen it. It was painted brown WITH a brush. I have not had a chance to redo it yet. The original color under that brown is turquoise. You will find one!!

    Your clematis looks wonderful against the red. Mine is purple but it is against white. My peonies have just opened this week. They are late for us but it had been so chilly. With all the cold I thought they got nipped and wouldn't open at all. I am thrilled to see them. This is the first blooming year for some of them!
    Enjoy your beautiful flowers!

  9. First off your clematis is so pretty, I love a nice bright white flower set off with lots of green foliage! You had so many photos of metal gliders I thought for sure one of them was yours! I feel for you as I know that sinking feeling when you go BACK to the thrift store and someone else bought YOUR item. heartbreaking :( I noticed another metal glider at the Garden Party at: in blue and gorgeous. Wendy

  10. Ouch, how painful! Did you want to just scream, Nooooo! But maybe that wasn't the one after all. I bet your glider is out there somewhere. You just haven't met yet! ... I have a glider on my back patio and I love it. It's a little rusty and creaky. And yes, it's big and bulky. My husband doesn't quite get it, but that's okay, he knows it makes me happy. I bought it a few years ago at a barn sale for $20. I know, crazy good luck! ... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

  11. Firstly, I LOVE peonies and clematis. Peonies are our state flower :)
    Secondly, yes I've lost several things I'd set my heart on...but I try to tell myself that something better is always around the corner! Just keep looking....that pale turquoise glider will be in your back yard eventually!

  12. Oh, I'm so sorry...that is my luck in a nutshell and so heartbreaking! I remember seeing one in the back of a truck heading to the metal scrapyard...I was torn! I wanted to jump out of the truck and run over before he went through the entrance, but I was late to pick up the kids. I called the scrapyard the next day, but they wouldn't let anyone in to look around..."too dangerous." And so I try not to think about it when I drive by...sigh. On a happier note, the clematis looks terrific...your coop is the same color as ours, and you've inspired me! (What works best...a trellis or wire/string to hold up all that flowery beauty?)

  13. Oh no, I thought for sure you'd be bringing that glider home by the end of your post. :-( I know there'll be another one, maybe even better!
    Mary Alice

  14. I just found your blog (nice!) Sucked into the story about the glider, I was waiting....waiting....waiting for the happy ending & photo of you relaxing under your tree on your newly painted glider...swinging relaxedly (is that a word?) and sipping lemonade! I was SO disappointed for you :-( I know how you feel. I have been wanting a wooden screen door...the kind that slams with that old-fashioned-farmhouse-porch kind of sound, literally for years and years. I FOUND it a couple weeks ago.....and my hubby was NOT impressed and said WE WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT PUT THAT ON OUR HOUSE. Sniff. Why do they not SEE???

  15. Those gliders are so neat and I would love to have one, one day!! I hope you find one soon! Your peonies are gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend! xo Heather

  16. Hope you find one that is just perfect for you soon! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  17. OH, I just love old metal gliders, but you're right they're heavy AND pricey!!


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