Tuesday, December 15, 2015

a holiday project: an appropriately farm themed christmas garland

Santa seems to pop up on everything over the years, even milk bottle caps!  I saw a version of this garland back in November at a local Christmas sale and new I wanted to make my version.  Project number 3 is another easy project... but one again the supplies are harder to come by the the actual doing...

I had the red and white baker's twine but needed to find some appropriate milk bottle caps.  Once again I took to etsy and found 5 of the cutest Santa caps and a lot of identical caps to finish off the garland.  I didn't want a mix up of caps so these that actually say "try our fresh butter" were perfect in their plain with with red text.

My original idea was to not glue the caps but to actually use a needle and thread on all but the Santa caps but then I realized I had so many caps that I could make it two sided/reversible by sandwiching two caps together.  This meant the dreaded glue gun... and yes, I may never recover fully from my mishap this weekend and a wayward blob of hot glue on my thumb!

I carefully planned my layout so that the Santa caps were spread out evenly and then decided to make the caps 9 inches apart... I even used a ruler, no eyeballing this one.  I just placed one cap right side down and added a drop of glue over the twine the placed the second cap on top. I did use the "fresh butter" caps on the reverse side of the Santa caps... fortunately the etsy seller added one extra to my purchase (instead of the 40 I purchased) so the numbers still worked out.

The glue dried quickly and by the time I glued the last two together it was ready to hang on the tree!  It turned out just as I imagined... and through luck all the Santa caps ended up in photo distance of my barn ornaments!

Except this one that is next to my greenhouse ornament...still farm-y, right?

With the twine the garland doesn't show up from a distance but I do like how the faded blue on the Santa caps works with all my aqua!

And just because I haven't showed off this little elf recently... it's hard to believe someone could have eyes this blue... all those Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic genes coming through.

Yep, that's Miss Bee with Santa this year!  Growing up so fast and looking a lot like her mama in this picture.  At 18 months she is finally sprouting some hair, also just like her mama!

Hope to see you again tomorrow for the next holiday project,


  1. I love your garland and your wonderfully vintage themed tree! And just look at Miss Bee. She is so sweet. I know she will be the highlight of your holiday season! ... Merry Christmas Chris!!!

  2. This is wonderful and so creative. Love it


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