Thursday, December 17, 2015

a holiday project: fairy's wand

A few years back I came across a picture on Pinterest... one of those that just led to an image with no directions but one I obviously liked since I managed to pin it more than once.

This year with one of my other intended projects fall through I decided it was time for to give this one a try.  Brought out a pile of supplies including tags, odds and ends, foil reflectors, cupcake liners (again you ask?) and my other obsession... paper straws.

I may have as many paper straws as cupcake liners but can't seem to pass up a new pattern or color when I see it.

I found a couple of funky vintage sugar bells on a hodge-podge of things and thought to perhaps make a couple of pastel wands.

And all kinds of silver, foil, glitter-y goodness to go with some fun silver striped straws.

My inspiration photo included similar stars as mine...

I got to work with, my less than trusty, hot glue gun and the silver pile first.   And was pretty happy with the outcome.  Three silver-y wands... beribboned and glitter-y just like a fairy want should be.  I just kept layering and gluing until I was happy with the result.  Metal chenille stems ensure they can be ornaments as well as magical wands.

The pastel ones came out a bit funky...

But still cute in a kind of weird 70's gone wild kind of way.

So this quick little project brings the total to five this week...

And that means tomorrow is Friday and one week to Christmas... I'd better getting wrapping things up in more ways than one!

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