Sunday, December 13, 2015

a holiday project: my take on pottery barn's santa mailbox

First up for project week is a super simple project inspired by Pottery Barn... I think I've had one of these every year for a while now... (here, here, and here)

Pottery Barn's Santa mailbox is cute (and sold out) but at $50 some dollars pretty pricey for a small version of a real metal mailbox.

And seriously, the hardest part was finding a metal mailbox that was cheap and wasn't huge!  I lucked into this one as an "add on item" when I was doing some holiday shopping on Amazon... $2.99 (and no shipping/prime comes quick) was hard to beat!  AND even better, it was already red!!

The little arm is plastic, but I can live with that... it's also pretty tiny but it's just meant for Santa letters from Red Gate Farm so size wasn't a problem.

I pulled up my pinterest account and my inspiration pin and gathered my supplies... glitter and a silver Sharpie.  This should be the easiest project ever!

I free handed the message on the size with my Sharpie and left it to dry.

Then multiple hits with silver glitter and it was done... the drying time was much longer than the actual "project" time.  I even had some vintage Christmas cards and envelopes to finish it off.

It was a challenge to get the glitter to stick to the plastic... a couple of coats actually.

 Now I just need to get writing my letter for Santa...

And all this week I'll be posting a new holiday project each day!  Hope to see you here!

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