Tuesday, April 19, 2016

crossing it off the list... permanent home for my glider

Lately some small projects have been crossed off the list here at Red Gate Farm.  One of them was for my vintage garden glider... you may remember how this beauty came to live in my garden a few years ago... Since then it's been here on the blog many times, as a resting spot on a hot July day.

Piled with country pillows, complete with a late summer cornfield in the background.

It's held bridal shower gifts in the shade.

As well as baby shower gifts.

It's been surrounded by flowers and an addition to a larger flower bed just before my niece's wedding here at Red Gate Farm a 1 1/2 ago.  

All along the intention was to have some sort of material under the glider so that it did not sit on grass or dirt.  As a heavy iron piece all that moisture over time wouldn't keep it in it's best shape.  And of course more importantly, something to edge for the best looking grass... at least in my husband's opinion.

A week ago my husband had time to get the concrete pavers we've been looking at for a couple of years now.  At under $1 and only needing 28 it was a very inexpensive project.  Nothing is in bloom yet in the area of the garden but this was a "before" shot...

And after!

It was a pretty quick and easy project... of course I only schlepped the pavers from the truck to this spot... 28 of them... 1 at a time... 2044 steps to be exact.  But really, it didn't take my husband much time to dig the area out a bit more, level and place the pavers.  And level is key with a glider or it won't glide!  It's a simple fix for this area that someday will be part of a much larger gathering area in the garden... but that's another item on the list!

Looking forward to a shady spot on summer afternoons or a quite spot on summer evenings... with flowers blooming all around.

A nice little spot to rest a foot to keep the glider on the move.

How about you?  Any progress on your "to-do" list for spring?

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  1. Bravo to you and your guy to get that saved by putting it on a level spot. I will look forward to seeing it surrounded by flowers. How far away from Woodland are you? You should make a trip to Hulda Klagers garden at lilac time some day. You'd love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You have the perfect spot for your cute glider, nestled under the trees! I have 2 glider rockers in my Great room and they are so addicting!

    Love your blog, Chris!


  3. I can imagine that the glider would be a lovely spot in which to while away the hours. My projects are all very basic this year as we start to create a new garden in our new place.

  4. Let's call it like it is...I'm absolutely jealous! It's a terrific vintage glider and it looks great tucked under the tree. Sad story...I saw one once on it's way to the local salvage...I wish I'd stopped and flagged down the truck, but I was late to get the kids from school (insert heavy sigh here). It's fun to see yours and it's going to be a wonderful spot this summer!

  5. It looks great there!
    Did you know that you can get little caps for the ends of the frame for your glider off of ebay? I bought some not long ago.
    The one thing that I am hoping to get done soon is to take my glider in to have it sand blasted and painted. I didn't know there was a place that would do this for me and I started to use stripper and sand paper. Found out that I could have it done for less than the cost of what I was paying for sand paper! What is holding me back is finding the right shade of paint for it.


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