Christmas memories - 1967

December 1967.  I'm not quite 3 1/2 years old.  I'm the cute little thing sitting next to my dad, with the cat-eye glasses... oops, I see that we all had them!  I know this is 1967 because my brother is about 9 months old in this picture.  It's kind of funny, looking back, my dad never seemed to be smiling in pictures.  He was probably tired having worked two jobs to support his family of 4 kids and my mom.  He finally retired when he turned 70, about time Dad!

Another shot of Christmas 1967, apparently after the gifts have been opened.  I'm not sure why none of us are looking at the camera, huh?  I'm sure I'm wearing a sweater under that lovely gold bathrobe.  I was always wearing a sweater when I was little.  I don't remember that doll, but I remember that bathrobe, it was made out of terry cloth and the stripes you can see on my sisters' robes are pretty ribbon.  Very sixties.  I also remember that Texaco truck, there were two of them, if you look closely you will see my sister (in purple) is on one.

I like how taking a photo in front of the tree means a picture of the tree stand, a table and the BOTTOM of the tree!  I suppose this was an attempt at child proofing the tree perhaps?

The first photo is a copy of an actual photograph.  The second, color photo is a copy made of a slide... are any of you old enough to remember slides?  I'm fortunate enough that most of my infant and toddler years were captured in that cutting edge format.  Not sure who thought slides were the thing of the future... Lugging out the projector and screen are not quite as easy as pulling out a photo album!

Amy over at Verde Farm is having a giveaway and asked her readers to comment with a Christmas memory.  One of my most vivid childhood memories is the Christmas (1968) that followed this one and inspired me to look for photos from that era.  So, head on over to Verde Farm, catch up on some fun and whimsical memories... plus Amy has a beautiful place, full of wonderful animals... and who can resist Porter the little piglet!

Happy holidays and happy memories,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. That looks exactly like Christmas pics of my family growing up...same tree on a table with those plastic silver icycles that stuck to you...same robes, same hair, same dolls. Same curtain treatments, same paneling. Seriously, it was just like that! Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

  2. How nice of you to share these lovely pics...

    Pics like these remind us that it is also important to capture such memories for the next generation and even for us, so that when the time comes to reminisce we have something to look at...lovely things that will definitely bring comfort and joy to us someday:)

  3. What great family Christmas pictures. I love looking at them. I must remember to take some even though my kids are big.

  4. I love seeing photos like these. You girls look so cute in those glasses! I need to pull out my old photos and look at them...thanks for inspiring me.



  5. You kids were so adorable!
    My sister had a doll like the one with the red dress. I like that the presents under the tree were not over the top..I mean some people spend so much, and I remember being so in love with my few presents!

  6. I love the tinsel - tinsel was BIIIG in the '60'

    my dad still has slides lol He's 87 and still going strong...

    love your fashion cat-eye glasses too; isnt it fun look back on these and remember?


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