The Five Trees of Christmas

Do you remember ceramic Christmas trees?  The ones with the little plastic pegs?  That you could change up like a "Lite-Brite"?  I think a lot of them were hand made back in the sixties.  Ceramics was a popular hobby.  You bought an unfinished piece.  Painted and glazed it and the ceramic shop would fire it for you.  I think everyone knew someone with one of these little ceramic treasures.

My Grandma had one.

My mother-in-law still has one, it's green.

Out of nostalgia, I bought a small one many years ago.

Over the years my collection grew.

Some from thrift stores, antique shops and one from an old family friend.

Now, I have five.  As you can see, I still like to swap around the pegs.

Happy weekend,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

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  1. I saw a great one at a thrift store last week, it was very nice and I was going to get it but noticed that it had several of the plastic pegs/lights missing and since I hadn't a clue how I would replace them I just passed on it. I never thought of collecting them but yours make a very nice group...Now I will think of you when I see one.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. My Mom took ceramics when I was in grade school an made several of these trees ...her's is green and quite large...she also made a white one for my Aunt. I just love them!
    Tammy :-)

  3. I love those trees!! My grandmother has one that she gave to me but my parents still use it at their house. I want their grandkids to get to enjoy it like we did. I did buy a Christopher Radko one several years ago that I love to put out and turn on. They are awesome!

  4. My mother has at least one, stowed away somewhere. I just recently noticed they were back - popular again! (I'm a little slow :)) Yours are lovely! I need to ask Mom if she made hers as I don't remember. She caught the ceramic bug too sometime back then, so maybe she did! -Tammy

  5. I have one! I like them too. Mister doesn't like them so much, which I don't really understand. How could you not like these treasures?

  6. My mother in law did one of these in ceramics class many years ago. Sweet memory. Thank you for sharing your collection.

  7. I made a green one years ago and just gave it to my sister last year. Love your collection.

  8. Oh I love these - I wish my granny had one - but no luck. Those would be perfect with my glitter village!

  9. My mom had one too, but i think it ended up in the older sister's rummage sale :(

    But salvation army/goodwill here I come! just need to buy another plastic bin ;p

  10. I remember those but I never knew you could switch the lights around! What a great collection!

  11. I've always loved these! My former mother in law had a beautiful one she made herself that I had always admired. One year she bought me a mini one which is so cute. She passed away last fall and now, my son keeps it on the shelf beside his bed during the holidays and it's the perfect reminder of his Grandma during Christmas.



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