Day 66

Day 66 at the Peach Palace.  I really thought we'd be done before December 1st.  We're not, but the end is in sight.  Hopefully we'll be able to start 2011 with an empty "to do list".

The kitchen is really coming together.  Every surface, except the floor, has at the minimum been painted.  There's been new lights installed, an over-the-range microwave installed and vented, fake panel walls removed, walls skim-coated, walls primed and painted, ceiling primed and painted, a high chair rail type trim installed, cabinets primed and painted, 350 hinges cleaned and spray painted a bronze color and most daring... the back splash primed and painted (yep, I painted the laminate back splash).

Of course, it's not finished.  I'm currently working on the lovely yellow cabinet we purchased at our local salvage store, The ReStore.  It will also get a new laminate counter top to match the other counters since there was a sheet of it left in the garage.  I finished the walls last weekend.  I really like the two colors, kind of like bead board or board and batten with a fraction of the work or upkeep.  The upper walls are painted the same aquaish, bluish, grayish color as both bathrooms.  I've tried to use colors in multiple rooms so that in the future it would be easy to touch up, yet all the rooms are not plain white.

We, and that would be the royal "we" since I will have no part in the building, also will be building two small cupboards to go on each side of the range.  Not only is the range a "slide in" style so it actually NEEDS something on each side... well I also have a thing about having my stove/range floating... I like to have a spot to sit a pot down on, not just empty air.

Then all the "little" things will still need to be done... like installing the bronze cabinet knobs I got on eBay.  Fifty of them for about $56.00 with shipping, I thought that was a fabulous deal.  Since we will be using ALL 50 of them, my husband may not be in agreement by number 50!

If you look closely, you may notice that the patterned laminate back splash is now the same aquaish color as the upper walls.  I think it looks fantastic and my test spot held up to the scratch test!  Now, I'm almost for Monday, so we can rest!

Enjoy the week,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Chris, it is really looking great. I love the color and the chair rail. It’s so fresh and bright. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I love that yellow cabinet too.
    Amy :)

  2. Holy smokes, busy busy busy!

    What an improvement! You are one of those people who come in our store just painting away right up til christmas...

  3. Isn't it amazing how the kitchen looks like an entire different place with the cabinets white..Also I'm with you about needing to have a surface next to the stove..It all looks like it is coming along very nice.

  4. I admire your tenacity! I love to see the progress you're making; gives me hope that I might actually finish my kitchen sometime soon! So glad to see those painted cupboards; so much homier than varnish.
    BTW...thanks for your comment on my blog re: decorating and the dog. I may use that idea for my knitting. Just wish I had a porch for my Christmas tree...

  5. What an improvement!! I am sure all 50 of the knobs will be well worth the time and effort. Good luck on the list!


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