What I'm wishing for...

So, I noticed a few of you using your blogs to show your Christmas wish list.  I thought, what a fabulous idea... can't be lost... everyone in your family will see it, such as your husband/significant other.... well at least if they READ your blog that is.  Mine does, now he won't need to ask me on December 23rd what I would like...

These Uggs (Bailey), in chestnut or bomber, size six.

A bead for this bracelet - yes these are the colors I like, the greens and the aquas.  And of course, it's silver not gold. Pandora - at GB Heron.

Gnome number four, we should have brought him home last summer.

Ina Garten's "How Easy is That?" cookbook.

Burpee's 2011 Calendar, last year I didn't fine one until February! I just love the old photos used in their calendars.

You can never go wrong with a little Martha (Martha Stewart glasses at Macy's). This style of glass is my favorite, tall and skinny.


And from Rejuvenation, all of the following lights.  A fantastic company that uses old light molds to make new lights!  They also refurbish old lights.  We have VERY ugly lights in our kitchen so....

This light for my kitchen (Thurman with b5344 - 12" opal)

And this one to match (Bryant with shade b7257) over the kitchen sink... they'll even add the pull chain that I will still need.

And the bathroom, to replace the rusty one well of course Francis (b1489 - 9" opal)

although I'd really like it in green, that wouldn't be very practical.... but it is my favorite color!

The lights up at Red Gate Farm... this would preferably be an early present.  And it's free.  Like maybe this weekend??

And of course, the ever elusive, garden gate.

But most of all, I wishing for us all to be together!  This wish is "happening" since my daughter will be home from Toronto along with her fella to celebrate the holidays with the rest of us!
So like all of the others, I pose this question... what's on YOUR wish list this year?

Happy December 1st everyone,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. What a great 'wish' list! Shouldn't be to difficult for Santa and his elves to get those things under your tree on December 24th. And the best gift, for sure, is your daughter being home! That one is 'priceless'. My Hubs and I have never exchanged Xmas gifts. When we got together we had a total of 6 kids between us and I always thought it made more sense to spend on the kids than ourselves. This is the first year that he bought me something (the chair) b/c finally they're all grown and flourishing and they don't expect hundreds of toys under the tree (lol). But old habits die hard and I'm so used to giving as opposed to receiving that the chair was even hard to accept. But ultimately, it's about the family for me! We'll be with my entire family (siblings, parents and my boys) on the 25th and then with Hubs family (Mother & Brother's family and his kids) on the 26th. Two days of total chaos but filled with pure JOY! Happy December to you!

  2. Now those glasses are on my list!

  3. Great wish list, Chris! I don't think I'm getting my #1 to put up the lights on the house this year... just not enough time. :(
    I wish our orange grove gets picked again this year right before Christmas... to help pay for all the gifts on everybody's wish list... lol!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  4. I want an antler chandelier for my dining room! Can you forward this to Santa?

  5. I did tell Dad about the uggs. He responded with this one line email: "What the heck are ugg boots?"

  6. I should also point out that I found you something NOT on this list. But I know you'll love it.


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