In the pink

I'm one of those crazy people that starts listening to Christmas music around November 1st.  By Thanksgiving I have the all Christmas, all the time, radio station on in my car.

My favorite song this year is I'll Be Home For Christmas, the Michael Buble version.  I love the old, Sinatra, Crosby sound of Michael Buble.

Over here at Red Gate Farm, we have guests for the holidays. 

They're staying in my pretty, pink and aqua room.  The room that's got some frills to it.

They flew in last night to Vancouver BC and we drove up to pick them up.  They brought this new little family member.

Her name is Frejya... named after the Norse goddess of course.  What miniature dachshund wouldn't be named after a Norse goddess?

We also enjoyed the best waffles ever, a recipe from my mother in law.  And bacon.  There's always gotta be bacon.

Enjoying the start to a fantastic, holiday week.
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Merry Christmas....I enjoyed all your pinks...loved the little cottage and snow shaker and china angel....I have the pink candy canes sitting next to her and wish I could find more...
    The little Doxie is adorable....

  2. I like the pink candy canes the best! Have a great christmas with your guests!

  3. It all sounds so wonderful! Your company will sure be happy and cozy in your pretty pink room..lucky guests!

  4. Hi Chris ... So glad everyone arrived safely, Frejya included! Your guests will be so comfortable in the cozy room you've created and it looks like you're running a bed and breakfast with that gourmet meal! I know you're all going to have a fun time together ... enjoy each moment!
    I too start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween and my hubby is now going crazy and can't wait for me to be done with it! Some songs even make me weep (everytime) thinking about past holidays with loved family members who are no longer with us. For me, it really is such a sentimental time of year. HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY WITH YOUR WONDERFUL FAMILY!!!

  5. No doubt your guest enjoyed their stay in that lovely room filled with pinks. Even the pet would love it there.

  6. If I couldn't be home for Christmas, than that guest room would suit me just fine!

    Looks like your week is starting off well, enjoy spending time with your houseguests! : ) Glad they arrived safely.


  7. Oh, my! That is the cutest pup! That face. Those eyes! I melt....
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    xo, misha

  8. Happy PS! I love you guest room.. it's like a perfect hideaway!!!
    Have wonderful holiday!

  9. mmmm reading this sunday morning while I'm waiting oon my coffee pot to fill and waffles and bacon just dound so good!
    love your little canine guest - now I have to go google Frejya *smile* - and your sweet pink decorations. Merry Christmas! and Happy PinkSaturday.

  10. Wonderful pinks. And Frejya......adorable!

  11. What beautiful photos! glad that I stopped by from Pink Saturday!... Merry, Merry!

  12. I have been having so much fun catching up on your last posts that I missed because of working long hours. Your posts are always great! The pink room is wonderful and I'm sure your guests love being in there...including sweet little Frejya!
    I absolutely love all your ornaments. They remind me of my youth and my folks. I have had the best time looking at your collections.
    Yep, Christmast music starts at my house on Thanksgiving and I love it. I find this time of year to be very sentimental and the music brings back wonderful memories.
    I always love coming to read your blog.

  13. I meant Christmas music...sorry for the type-o.

  14. Loving the pretty pink Christmas! Those ornaments are amazing :)

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Oh your new gift is the cutest little baby ever. Is she staying with you permanently? That bedroom is so pretty. I love your pink ornaments. Those colors look great together and I know your guests will be very happy in there :)

  16. Pale Pink is one of my favorite colors actually, AND YOU DID IT JUSTICE :)!

    Frejya kind of looks like she worries a bit - likes shes fretting about the Christmas season...kind of like I do once in awhile lol!


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