Red, for the holidays

Of course red makes everything merry and bright.

My $1.99 thrift store red ball wreath with my little addition of vintage $1.00 bells...

Red and sparkly, with some Gurley tree candles...

My favorite find ever, at the Annual Lydia Place Garage Sale.  Cute little red Santa candles I got for pennies...

My Costco faux tree base, painted Farmall Red looks fabulous with my vintage red Shiny Brites...

A red box of vintage tinsel, a gift from my mom, the tinsel queen...

Two sets of Commodore angels.  The Commodore vintage Christmas figures came in the cutest little green and red boxes, if you're lucky...

New tins, made to look vintage...

A cute little Santa, $1.49 at a local thrift store...

My cute little red apron, acting as a window topper for the holidays...

And of course, my chippy paint, toeless, cement Santa.  From the cement garden gnome store last summer.  I'm sure the store owner thought I was crazy when I told him I liked the paint all chippy.

Happiest of Holiday Seasons,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

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  1. Love the Kitchen window with the apron topper. How clever you are. I actually love all your vintage finds.

  2. I love all your vintage red Christmas treasures!

  3. Everything is so pretty. I love the red ball wreath but my favorites are the Gurley candles, the Santa candles and the vintage box of long icicles. So Fun! Your house is a Chrismas card. Love it.

  4. You have an amazing collection of vintage Christmas collectibles and ornaments! Have you been collecting for many years? I absolutely love that cement Santa ... he's really neat! I also love the clever use of your apron as a window topper - original!

  5. I can't believe you paid only $1.99 for your beautiful wreath. Actually I want to go to your thrift stores, everything you have is just great..I did find two of the Christmas Tree candles like you have, at a thrift store here in Anacortes...Love the way you have decorated your kitchen window area.

  6. Love all the red!! But the NOEL Angles are my favorite. I have a set that belonged to my mother when she was a little girl. They're precious to me and I love how they look!

  7. So many cute Christmas things at Red Gate Farm! I keep trying to win some of those Commodore angels on Ebay, but I lose every time. I think my favorite thing here is that cement Santa. He's perfect, chippy and toeless!
    Happy REDnesday!

  8. My friend Jaqueline would be over the moon with all your vintage christmas items...sheesh they are cute!!

    When I was very little my mother would hang red bells in my bedroom window,that lit up. I could lay in bed and see my bells with the christmas lights from the roof beyond them...I love that memory and your bells remind me of it.

  9. I LOVE all your reds!! I am soooo jealous over your $1.99 wreath! I have never been able to find any good deals at my thrift stores!! Your tins are so pretty and I too love the chipped paint on your Santa. I don't like everything to be too perfect.. I like some things to show age and use. This brings such personality to the pieces! Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Love all of your vintage stuff, especially the Santa and the wreath with the bells. I'll be coming back to check out your blog-it looks really great!

  11. oh how pretty that red wreath is! it caught my eye while on another blog. i love vintage christmas decor and have a tree dedicated to antique bulbs. love the little sweet. you have a great eye! was at goodwill the other day and saw some cute finds but felt guilty and left them for someone who truly needed the break. merry christmas!! jill

  12. Great pictures. I love the santa candles too. Your cement santa is fabulous! I can't imagine storing him though if it's as heavy as my yard angel. Have a blessed week.

  13. Is that the same wreath you had in your header? Very cute and a steal. But I think my fav out of everything is the cement Santa, I've never see one!

  14. I love all your merry and bright REDS for Christmas. and...I, too, love that chippy paint Santa. :))

  15. I sure do love how everything looks at your House~ Great accents in every corner. Wish I could come and visit I just know I would enjoy all your Vintage Treasures, and a Farm House to boot~ It's the good life. Happy Holidays, Diane

  16. bargains are the best - thats when you really appreciate and USE them without fear :)!

    and Mom being the tinsel queen? ;) PRICELESS!


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