Food, fun and family

I think I'm suffering from a holiday hangover.  Ya know, a little too much of everything...

I still feel a little bit like this....

Cady obviously has the hangover too.

It was a whirlwind week leading up to the event.  My daughter and her boyfriend flew in on Friday the 17th.  After that, everything seemed to revolve around food, fun and family.  The three fabulous "f's", of course.

We ate at all of the places I don't get to eat because my husband only eats "American" that my daughter wanted to eat at.  There was Mexican, but since I hadn't had Mexican since last June, well there is no photo... I was in a rush!  I did however manage to restrain myself while at one of my favorites, a local restaurant known for their soups... my favorite is African Peanut, yummy.

We had family over for a pizza party.

There were Ina Garten's, aka the Barefoot Contessa, fantabulous Pecan Squares.  You've never SEEN anything with sooooo much butter, but they are out of this world.  Of course  there isn't a picture, we ate them all.

Movie night, with four dogs.

Wii night.

And of course, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking and all of the other fun holiday happenings.  Finishing projects and presents, yes, I am a procrastinator! Oh... and a little thing called "work" too!

Christmas morning lattes and hot chocolate.

No wonder it's Tuesday morning and I still feel like going back to bed!

Looking forward to the New Year of 2011,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

PS... I got my gate ;)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with family (furry ones too). That is a great gate, I bet Santa had quite a time getting that down the chimney!

  2. I love your gate!! So awesome. Also love your new header. Looks like a wonderful family Christmas for sure. That soup place is my kinda fun. The soup looks yummy. So glad you had a great Christmas friend :)
    PS--I’ve been ebaying for shiny brites. I am hooked.
    Amy, xo

  3. That soup bowl was Ginormous!!!!!! How did you finish it all?

    The gate is in mint condition what a good girl you must have been!

    Loved seeing your family fun!

  4. What fun you had!! I enjoyed reading about it all, and I surely do...
    love your gate!! Happy Happy New Year :) -Tammy

  5. Sounds like a fun packed Christmas. Love your gate!! Aren't gifts great!!

  6. I'm always wanted a gate like that to prop somewhere in the garden. It's a real beauty! And I'm exhausted from seeing everything that you did over Christmas!

  7. Yipee ... you got your gate! You've wanted one for so long ... what have you got in store for it? Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Our company left yesterday and I must say ... I am exhausted! And now the countdown begins for 2011!

  8. It all looks fabulous!! Love the gate.. In our old house we used pieces of fence that match that gate to make a railing along the stairs.. It was cute.

  9. Love your gate!!!! Hot chocolates and lattes look yummy too. Those mugs are just TOO cute. Okay, I must have missed it - what are you going to do with your gate???

  10. When i think of the holidays, i always first think of the food that I'll make, that my friends will make, that the restaurants we will go to will make, and I know I will get a food hangover no matter what days afterwards!

    I bet you your pancreas is like mine - "WHOA whats the saturated fat levels in that she just ordered? peanut soup? Can we do that?" :D


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