Finding fall....

Mother nature is starting to put on her annual show... the leaves are starting to change in the gardens.  The evening sun has that golden glow....

Beacuse of our wonderful weather the first few weeks of September I have spent quite a bit of time in the gardens as well as preserving the bounty of the veggie garden.... wanting to spend as much time outdoors before the wetter weather arrives.

Soon the pumpkins will be ready for picking... to use any way you like.  I think this year I'll borrow this idea from a local pumpkin patch and fill my vintage garden chairs up with a pumpkin or two.

But fall isn't just for the gardens and the outdoors.... it's a wonderful way to continue to bring color indoors.  I picked up quite a few treasures over the summer... at flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores.  A few items can be used in my fall decorating.... like the Hull sunflower pitcher and the vintage tablecloth.

Some of my garden sunflowers go nicely with the Hull picher.... and at $2.99 it was quite the bargain.

I even tucked a couple of my teddy bear sunflowers into the arrangement.... they really are my favorite sunflower.... the yellow is such a cheery color!

Add in the vintage tablecloth ($.99) and vintage pieces from the cupboard like a couple of vintage platters, a wooden tray and some vintage serveware and it makes a nice fall touch on the dining room table.

Officially, we still have one more week of summer.... but since it's already mid-September I decided I'd better get the beachy, summery stuff put away and get the fall stuff out before I missed fall again this year.... and my new tablescape it a great start to my indoor fall decorating.

Although it's pretty hard to complete with the fall decorating going on outdoors...

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  1. It's here too - I saw the first fallen leaves this afternoon.

  2. wow..that was a steal on that my major weakness! love it..

  3. I really enjoy your seasonal touches and collectibles and the photos you share are outstanding plus they give me new ideas.
    - pumpkins in the outdoor chairs looks fun
    - your sunflower Hull is something I hadn't seen before
    - I like your milk glass piece mixed with the all colored pieces

    Whenever I run across a piece of milk glass I think of you. I have been looking for pieces. I saw an idea of putting a votive inside . . . the candle light in the milk glass is really nice.

    Congratulations on your bounty of "put up" fruits and veggies!

  4. Our area is startig to fill up with pumpkins, mums, and so many fall and Halloween delights..
    I love the pumpkins on your garden chairs..nice look...

  5. Oh I just love the fall! What great pictures!

  6. Wonderful fall! I like the idea of pumpkins on the chairs. Your fall tablescape is lovely.

  7. I love the little green pot and the milk glass.

  8. Your table decor is absolutely charming, and not just because I like yellow!

  9. Those are some neat vintage finds! This is my favorite time of the year as well... mid Sept. through late November. Just love it!!

  10. What huge pumpkins:) It certainly is lovely to be able to see the beauty that lies in the details.

  11. I miss all the fall colors. We get just a bit of it and it's usually later. I love that pitcher filled with your flowers. So cute!

  12. Your beautiful jug of flowers looks so cheerful. I love them!

    And the photos with pumpkins sitting on the chairs made me smile!! They're big uns!


  13. I chuckled when I saw your pumpkins sitting in the lawn fat old men!

  14. My post today was about going to a local orchard yesterday and my goodness what a wonderful display of Fall color!!


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