Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm glad June is over.....

It's the first day of July and I'm glad to see June go... it was full of highs and lows and I'm just not talking weather - although the weather in the PNW has mostly been low.... I haven't been keeping up on my blogging.... I felt like I barely kept up with anything during the month of June. This is what June looked like....

0 blog posts
1 really big bruise from falling off my back porch

1 college graduation in Seattle
1 phone turned off/on silent during college graduation

1 two hour trip home from Seattle in a panic

1 trip to emergency room

1 ambulance ride

1 trip to Harborview Hospital's burn unit

1 new couch purchased

1 new chair purchased

1 old coffee table sanded, primed and painted
1 final trip through University of Washington

1 daughter moved out of her college apartment

1 lunch at Burgermaster

1 final trip to University Village

1 graduation/going away party

1 toilet in the front yard (in the middle of said party)

1 trip to Vancouver (Canada) airport

1 international border crossing (well once each way - and yes although it doesn't seem to be, Canada is a foreign country)

1 good bye to my daughter who moved to Toronto

1 coffee pot that had to be mailed to Toronto for a whopping $38.00

2 closets cleaned

2 trips to Goodwill with a carload of donations

4 trips to Seattle

6 Trophy cupcakes

7 tubes of bacitracin

10 nights of my son sleeping/recuperating on the couch

21.75 hours of sick leave from work

41 hours straight without sleep

177 hours at work

? number of boxes (daughter's stuff) still looking for a place

? sunny days - not many

? cloudy days - many

? inches of rain - way too much for June

? loads of laundry, house cleaning, weeding, watering (yes, on the sunny days)

Welcome July!

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