Friday, July 16, 2010

New Furniture

The old furniture, a loveseat and couch, were just too big for this living room. It was furniture we purchased for our other house a number of years ago.

Old houses, mine is from around 1920, just don't have large living rooms. I guess before TV, people just didn't use their living rooms like we do now.

The new furniture arrived yesterday afternoon from Pottery Barn. I'm really happy with my choices. The new chair. I love the sage green velvet slip cover on both the chair and the couch.

As you can see, Cady has made herself at home already. The dogs (and my husband and son) are why I thought slipcovered furniture was a good choice.

We also replace our large 4 foot square coffee table with a vintage, more rectangular table. It was an older, maple type table that I painted and put new knobs (aqua - my new favorite color) from Anthropologie. (LOVE that store). It's hard to see but it's kind of a bronzy, brownish color. The same color that I painted the bookshelf and the inside of the large wall unit (cut off in the left side of the picture).

Even though I still plan to get an additional chair, maybe in the fall, I think the room will seem more open without the loveseat cutting off the entrance to the room. I'm happy..........

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  1. That's some fine looking furniture! I've always wondered about PB furniture. I've heard a lot of people rave about it, but I always get nervous about mail-ordering a couch or chair. You'll have to let us know how comfy it is!

    ps - What?? Your Pepsi isn't fuchsia?!?! (I think I ended up at fuchsia because of "fountain". I like alliteration.) :)


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