Friday, July 23, 2010

The Search is Over

I've been looking for a cement garden gnome (or gnomes) and cement pots for a long time. I haven't come across any gnomes and the pots always look new.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping across the border in Canada (only 10 minutes or so from my house) and also to mail a package to my daughter, who now lives in Toronto. On the way to the antique mall we passed by a run down looking place that makes and sells cement garden "everything". I'm talking fountains, birdbaths, flower pots, urns, gargoyles, kittens, dogs, grecian figures and the elusive garden gnomes! You can get them painted or plain. Some of the plain ones even look weathered and vintage (the look I'm going for)!

The funny thing is, I should have thought of this place. My son played hockey for over 10 years. Our hockey association played in a British Columbia league and we traveled to Canada once or twice a week.
All. Season. Long.

I've passed this place hundreds (or does it just seem that way) times. When we started searching for someplace that still makes these, I never once thought of this place! I'd even searched the Seattle area, to no avail!

I didn't buy any yet, I'm planning another trip with my husband in the next week or two. I can hardly wait!

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