Monday, July 19, 2010

My birthday

I had a birthday recently. However, I won't say which one.
I got a fabulous gift from my Mom. In May she went to England, Ireland and Scotland for a month with her sister. I told her about Cath Kidston, of which I'm a huge fan.
They visited one of her stores outside of London. Needless to say, I was so excited to see a gift wrapped with red, Cath Kidston ribbon! I couldn't wait to open it. She gave the this beautiful floral fabric, jar toppers and gift tags. I'm unsure how I'll use everything just yet. She also gave me the bags that everything came in... so cool.
The other gift you see peeking out is a vintage Nancy Drew book but that post is for another day!
PS - head over to my daughter's new blog, Dropped Stitch Knitter!

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  1. Grammy showed me all of this stuff when I went out to visit them... and I knew you'd love it! Did she also give you the Nancy Drew book? I'd been looking for it EVERYWHERE (well, in used bookstores, at least)...


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