Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 for 25 cents

It was a good weekend.... a long one again as I had Friday off.  I went to a couple of large rummage/garage sales at some local churches, with my mom.  The first one was a bit disappointing but at the second one I scored 6 more milk glass vases... and yes, they were just 25 cents a piece.  So my little sign I happened to have isn't quite right, but you get the idea.  I also found a large, ornate oval frame.  Currently gold, but soon will be white with a chalkboard to fill it.  Of course, it too is for the wedding.

The weather turned out to be quite fabulous.  Sunny and warm.  Just the kind of day to hit the gardens or the garden stores.  I did both!  On Friday my mom and I went to a couple of local nurseries.  One of my favorite things to do on a nice day is wander around a nursery or garden store.

Friday night brought dinner out... at a steakhouse... with my parents, my husband, my son, my daughter and the soon to be son-in-law.  It was a wonderful to spend a few hours and enjoy a meal with everyone.

At home, the plum trees are in full, full, full bloom.

I surveyed the damage in the greenhouse....  I don't think the mice got all the seeds.  A few have even sprouted.  But the traps with peanut butter and white chocolate chips, which my husband prefers from experience, are loaded and waiting for further seed stealing intruders.

I found a new zinnia at the garden store... a true purple with a lime green center called Purple Queen.  I planted all 75 of them, for the wedding of course.

And also blooming at Red Gate Farm?  The Magnolia.  It is probably the best show in the 8 years of bloom watching.

And to those of you that have asked... the wedding is August 18th.  I'm sure you'll be totally sick of me by then!

Here's to the end of a wonderful weekend.... only 4 more days to the next one!


  1. We will not get sick of you sharing all of the exciting details of the wedding prep, how fun it all is. xo

  2. Our youngest daughter is planning a November 10th wedding and we are hoping to find cobalt blue vases for the wedding guest tables at tag sales. (: Your flower planting sounds like a beautiful daughter is still undecided what flowers she wants to use. Such an exciting time! Thanks, Chris, for sharing the details of the wedding prep. Joy! <3

  3. We're in the home stretch now - the wedding is May 26th - so don't hold back. We're in the same boat!

  4. looks like gorgeous views there. i've been through a wedding. the excitement of planning was such fun. wish you well. i've said to my mom i would love to plan another. it was just fun to be with my mom so much. if only money was not issue i would renew our vows all the time. i love planning parties. ha. ha!! take care. (:

  5. Garage saling and shopping for flowers...a great way to spend the weekend! Have a great day! Jean

  6. What a wonderful weekend!! Your plum tree flowers, and magnolias are stunning!! Such pretty photos! Have a wonderful Monday! xo Heather

  7. What a beautiful flowers collection....Looks like gorgeous view there....Great post....I enjoyed visit your post.


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