Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage wedding finds....

Yesterday marked my first Friday of many Fridays off.  For the past few years I've taken Fridays off through out the spring and summer.  It's a great to have a long weekend but it also means the ability to hit up some estate sales or flea markets.  All the good ones seem to begin on a Friday not a Saturday.

My mom and I went to a local retirement community's annual sale, a large county wide garage/antique flea market type event and a couple of thrift stores.  I'm always hunting for my own vintage pieces but now I'm also looking for items for my daughter's upcoming wedding.

A neighboring county holds a HUGE tulip festival each year.  Part of that festival includes the above mentioned county wide flea market.  Although I didn't see any tulips, except for my own yesterday, I did find some fabulous items.

This beautiful milk glass cake stand was a steal at $15.  It came from the local retirement community's sale.  It will be put into use for the cupcakes, instead of a traditional cake, to be served at the wedding.  I'm on the hunt for another one and also plan to "build my own" out of a large milk glass cake plate I have and a small dish.  Since there will be 300 mini cupcakes I'm going to need a lot of cake stands!

We found a couple more small, cheap milk glass vases for the tables.  The plan is multiple vases filled with one or two simple flowers.  We're thinking 2 big and 1 small vase on each 60 inch table.  I'm now just looking for the smaller size but I couldn't pass up another larger, unusual one for $3.00.

My mom purchased this vase for the wedding.  It's really thick and very different than most of my milk glass vases.  It will probably be used on the wedding party table or perhaps the "sweets" table.

And I couldn't pass these up either.... my daughter and soon to be son-in-law's initials!  The vendor had only 4 of these little, vintage plastic "cards"... k, s, u and w!  What are the odds that it would be their initials?  And for just a dollar!

If you tilt them you can see that they are actually some sort of children's educational cards for learning the alphabet.

I also found a bag of scrabble letters for just $2.... my intention was to be able to spell "love" for a wedding photo with the rings... out of a huge bag of letters?  No "v"!  I guess I'm still on the hunt for more letters!

For table numbers we've decided to use flower frogs to hold the actual numbers... mostly the spiky kind, which I have 12 or 13 of already.  I found this wire one at the flea market... I've been wanting one of these for a long time.  And it will still hold up a card or number.

But the real find of the day?

Can you guess what it is?  I'll share with you next time....

Enjoying a long weekend,

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  1. Oh, your milk glass is beautiful!! What a beautiful wedding it is going to be!! I think you are making a pretty vintage veil? Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! When is the wedding again? Loving' hearing details about the wedding.

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  3. I love milk glass! These pieces will look so pretty at your daughters wedding reception!! Can't wait to see pictures of that.

  4. I like your wedding ideas. I think the vintage touches are beautiful and I also think the image has something to do with a veil.

  5. What great finds! It is going to be such a fun wedding!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. A hat?? Love your finds, milk glass is simply beautiful!

  7. Chris
    I love all your milk glass.
    If I didn't have too much
    stuff already, I'd start
    collecting too!

  8. Your milk glass collection is awesome. My daughter just moved into a new (older) house in Ohio and she found a collection of milk glass on Craigslist for $20 for the lot! Butter dish, vase, S&P, etc. I am desiring a cake plate but am drawn to the pink and blue milk glass ones, have you seen them? I do hope you share photos of the wedding! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I have lots of v's and would love to share! I also have four or so of the flower frogs. Let me know. Sounds like you had lots of fun! And yea for "fun Friday"!

  10. I love milk glass too. Is the true find a veil? Lovely.

  11. Oooh! Is it a hat?? You found some great stuff! I'll bet that thicker milk glass vase is a lot older than the rest. It's gorgeous, and so is that cake stand!

  12. Is it a headpiece? I've been snatching up old scrabble games to do some crafting and could certainly spare a V. Let me know if you want it and I'll pop it in the mail!

  13. I love the cake stand. My daughter loves making cupcakes and has been asked to make lots for my niece's christening in August.

  14. This is my first visit to your site and you can bet I'll be back! I love all the milk's going to be so pretty at the wedding! It looks like you got a veil or some sort of hat I close?/ Have a great day!!

  15. So fun to see ideas for your daughter's wedding. I've been posting wedding plans and ideas for my daughter's upcoming wedding too! I guess it's the season!

  16. I love the cake pedestal you found. The milkglass will look so pretty for a wedding. I actually have that same cone shaped vase in the third picture. My mother-in-law had it so I am guessing it came from the florist some time. It is different from others I have seen. Good luck on your future hunts!! :)

  17. Oh this wedding will be so charming! I love your flea finds! You have a great eye!


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