Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #1 - Props and Cake tops

The cherry tree is in bloom.  It's raining here again.  Imagine that.  April in Washington usually does equal rain.  So I came home and walked on my treadmill for a couple of hours, watched a movie.  It was "Sweet Home Alabama."  I know it's 10 years old but we don't watch a lot of movies around here so I'd missed it.  There was a wedding at the end... it got me thinking.  Perhaps I should try a weekly "wedding post", a weekly place to show you some of our ideas and perhaps even ask for your opinions and suggestions!  After all... it's just sixteen short weeks from this Saturday... not that I'm counting.  And yes, that is why I spent 2 hours on the treadmill!

I've come across a few props to use for the wedding, things that I have around the house.  I thought of this book over the past weekend... while the engagement photos were being taken here at Red Gate Farm.  Since the wedding will be at the home of the groom's parents they decided to have their engagement photos here.  I thought this vintage book was a cute prop... except for the scary old woman on the cover.  Not sure what she was doing on a book about poetry.... Really, if you don't believe me look up "Heart Throbs" or "Heart Throbs 2" on Etsy... not joking here folks!  Not just a scary woman but a sequel too!

I also have a few cake toppers from a huge box of cake decorating items I purchased on eBay a few years ago.  I used them for my parent's 50th Anniversary Party a couple of summers ago.  These little guys are Lefton and are actually napkin holders or made to hang on taper candles since they have a little ring on their backs.

These plastic guys are probably from the 60's...

My mom brought this couple over.  They are probably from the 40's or even late 30's and are really cool and of course vintage!  They are either china or bisque.  My daughter really liked this set... not sure if any will make it onto a cake but we will certainly be sprinkling them throughout the vintage decor.

My mom also brought this cake top... from my grandparent's 35th Wedding Anniversary.  I remember this party.  I was 6 and got to wear a corsage... then the big nasty corsage pin poked me... hard.   Hmmm, maybe this is were my dislike of corsages comes from.... as the mother-of-the-bride I don't want to wear one... I'm thinking cool vintage pin instead.

And a cool item I scored this weekend?  A drop leaf table.

Yellow, old and chippy.  And just $35.00.  I love the curvy top and the curves on the apron.  I think it will get a coat of white paint and some additional distressing.  It will be just right for a table at the wedding.   Perhaps the cupcakes and a cutting cake that will hold one of those cake toppers?  What do you think?

And an update on the seeds I planted that were then ravaged by mice?  Well some of them are sprouting so I guess the mice family didn't get them all!

Almost a weekend... again,


  1. I love your little table....perfect size
    special cake toppers...I've saved mine...thanks for reminding me..I'll bring them out as a surprise this year

  2. That would be fun for you to have a wedding post and keep us updated! - I have my cake topper and also the one from my parents cake, they are both so different like yours from several eras. - Nice find on that table, the wavy edge is a nice touch. xo

  3. Wedding?! Wow, I have been away far too long! I'll have to catch up on this matter ;) Love all the props, and that table is perfect. Sheesh, your luck with the mice eating your seeds totally sounds like something that would happen to me! They're lookin' good now though. Chris, it was fun to catch up here, as always! -Tammy

  4. You weekly update on the wedding sounds neat. My kids are all married, I hope I'm still here when the grandkids start getting married. :-) Love the table and I think it will look nice white. Love the little cake stand! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love all the vintage cake toppers!! That drop leaf table is beautiful!! I love it!! I have a shabby black one very similar, and just adore it!! Have a great night! xo Heather

  6. Love it's going to be a beautiful wedding! And yep...I inherited those Heart Throbs books funny! I admire your 2 hours on the treadmill...what dedication!

  7. Old cake toppers are such a hoot, just to see how they change in style from one decade to the next.

    Wish I had a treadmill... maybe I could blog from it? Okay, maybe not.

    So, what are your plans for the drop leaf table? What color are you thinking?

  8. Oooh! That's a great table!! $35 is a dang good deal, too. I really like the bisque cake topper. Lots of fun vintage stuff. It's going to be a great wedding!

  9. I'm going to love hearing about the wedding as it is planned. My daughter is getting married next May!

    I love the cake tops~~~so sweet, each of them! And I REALLY love the table you scored! Let us see it when you have it all painted and distressed! Yay on the seed starts!


  10. The weeks will fly by! Tomorrow will be four weeks until the big day here!

  11. what an exciting, fun time. My oldest daughter got married in sept..the 2 of them are now vacationing in is a beautiful thing to see love!! good luck with everything,...have fun!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  12. so much fun..& yes to the table..maybe the signing table. Glad you have been getting some milk glass! Just lent some of mine out for a wedding..hydrangea and roses in them!


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