Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Parade

Last weekend I did manage to sneak in a little time to break out the Easter goodies... not the chocolate rabbit kind, but the decorating kind.  I knew at this point it was just a measly 9 days before the actual day but it kind of snuck up on me... like most years actually.

As one of those holidays that "floats" around I need to be thinking in advance and checking a calendar.. or two each year.  At least this year it is falling in April and isn't the surprise like the ones at the end of March ones can be!

And I must tell you, my grandmother (who gave me this little "Easter Wish" card many, many years ago) was one of those people that always knew when it would fall... she'd be talking about the spring equinox and the moon and before you know it she'd be saying "Easter is on April 8th this year"!  Huh?

Now with the internet and a calendar I could probably figure this out for myself but off the top of my head in the middle of a conversation? No way!  Not only do I not keep up with the full moon, new moon or blue moon but first day of spring? Summer? Fall? Winter?  I know they happen around the 20th to the 23rd and of course, in which month but that's about it without looking it up...

Soooo... that said... you're lucky to be seeing the Easter goodies before the Easter bunny actually shows up!

Like all of my holidays, my decorations are becoming mostly vintage, with a few "vintage inspired" mixed in.  This little pink basket, as well as the aqua-ish one above, aren't vintage but they certainly have that look.

And these guys?  All three are vintage.  I love the old foil wrapped paper eggs.  The kind that open up and can be filled with a surprise or two.  One year when I was young we received eggs like these instead of an Easter basket or hat... I wish I could say the big pink one in the back was mine... but nope... although I was a bit of a pack rate as a child (and haven't changed much) I typically saved things like stuffed animals and baby dolls... not paper, foiled, Easter eggs.  Sigh.

This year I came across a cute vintage record with a bunny named Eustis on the front... probably from the 60's judging by the graphics.  Just $.99.  It would be interesting to hear the story about Eustis the useless rabbit but without a 45 rpm playing record player I'll just have to leave it up to my imagination.

And speaking of rabbits and bunnies... this guy purchased last year, in mint condition, made in Denmark, is one of my favorite Easter items, ever... well after those marshmallow eggs that is... Love the color, the whiskers, the two snaggle-y teeth... and how could I pass up anything made of honeycomb style paper?

Hope you'll be spending the holiday weekend with family and friends.  Me?  We won't be hunting in eggs... plastic, paper or real but we will be putting the new guest room... complete with door... to use.

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  1. What beautiful Easter treasures!! I love the vintage honeycomb bunny!! So sweet!! ;) xo Heather

  2. Happy, happy Easter! I should get there sometime Friday to check out the new guest room, but it sounds like you've already booked it for someone else???? Oh well....maybe next time. I love your vintage Easter decorations. I haven't gotten mine out yet I'm afraid. Maybe tomorrow. I won't go whole rabbit and put them all out, but a few touches will be nice. Tomorrow I hope to finish up Baby Bee's closet door makeover.

  3. Wow, you have a great collection of Easter decs.. so vintage-y cool! Who is getting to take the guest room on it's first cruise? Happy Easter weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. oh, i do love your easter collection. i know that easter book. my mom would read it to me all the time. love it. such memories. enjoy your easter weekend. (:

  5. You have a great collection of vintage Easter decor. I like how you mix new with old, that's what I do, too. I'm visiting from Common Ground. It's so much fun to discover bloggers who like vintage as much as I do.

  6. Happy Easter and I am so glad you linked up and shared these lovely vintage and vintage inspired Easter decorations on Farmgirl Friday. They're all so pretty.

  7. Happy all of your vintage Easter decorations....they are so sweet!

  8. Oooo I love your glass coloured rabbits and that flower frog you have! Pretty display


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