Monday, March 25, 2013

s & p

S & P.... nope not salt & pepper, although I am working on spicing things up a bit around here.  No, I was thinking more along the lines of sewing & painting this past weekend.

Sadly, this was as close as I got to my sewing machine... perhaps the piles of stuff still waiting to be packed up and put away after the baby shower has put a crimp in my desire to spend time in my sewing room... since it needs a thorough clean up.

So with the sun shining and the temperatures hitting 60 degrees I decided to swap the sewing "s" for the seed "s"!

 As you may recall... I plant quite a few flowers from seed.  Zinnias, sweet peas, marigolds, hollyhocks, sunflowers... those will be planted soon out in my little greenhouse.  My unheated little greenhouse... so even with a warm day or two, still too cold for planting right now.  So what did I plant this weekend?  Well the Wave Petunias for one... or 50 actually.  Ten of each in shades of white, lavender, purple and two pinks.

And of course, my specialty, pure white impatiens.  I planted 390 of these babies.... yep I meant to say 390!  And there are 60 more seeds waiting to fill in for some that don't germinate.  I can hardly wait until the first of May when I can move them out into the greenhouse for a couple of weeks before their planting into my many shady spots.  For now the impatiens and petunias are residing on my enclosed, and south facing, front porch.  Just little pots of soil waiting to burst forth with fabulous flowers.

And I wanted to share with you what the seeds look like... think smaller than carrot seeds!  This little Fiestaware fruit bowl has 90 impatien seeds in it... yes, really, you can count them if you don't believe me!  I actually have found that using tweezers is the only way to go.  The first year I did this I had seeds EVERYWHERE because you can hardly pick them up with your fingers.  And the petunia seeds are even smaller... at least that's what I'm told since they actually come coated or pelleted to make them slightly bigger than these impatiens.

So although I'm dreaming of the flowers to come in my gardens... I do have a bit of color already.  The hycinths went from this last week...

To this!  And boy do they smell wonderful!

The hellebores that are tucked next to the back porch are still going strong...

A few hardy daffodils are fully opened...

And some are still working on that opening...

Oh... and the "p" for painting?

Well it will have to wait until the upcoming weekend... since this all the farther the brush got.

Happy spring!


  1. Oh my, I wish we were further along to find a bit of green popping out of the ground. We are still snow covered.

    Seeing your bits of yellow, purple and the Hellebores cheered me up!

    Enjoy your "tweezer planting!". Happy Easter days . . .

  2. That's what it looks like here, too. We may just have a sunny and warm Easter - and it will be well-decorated with daffodils and hyacinths.

  3. So really just s then. ;-) I love how many flowers you already have blooming! (we still have snow) It's wonderful that you can start so many flowers from seed in your greenhouse. I love wave petunias and impatiens, too. Those are two annuals that always make the list here.

  4. Pretty spring flowers!! Plant some pretties for me! Can't wait to see what you are going to paint! Happy Easter Chris! xo Heather

  5. Your gardens sound wonderful . . . so many delightful blooms. I worked outside the last two days, just cleaning up all the mess that winter seems to bring in. Last week while I was down in Northeastern Oregon, and going through an arrangement of weather conditions from snow, hail and rain . . . everyday, until the day I left, when the sun came out,LOL . . . at home they had a wind storm. You may have gotten in on it. There were tree limbs down in the backyard and just a lot of tidying up to do.
    Today, I'm going to work on getting the back-porch cleaned up. The afternoons are warm enough for sitting and eating lunch out there and I'm so ready to be spending more and more time outside.
    I got my little lettuce bed ready and I'm going to plant it today . . . I hope that it is not to soon (really protected area). I do not have 20 acres, but instead I have one of the smallest lots in my neighborhood, but we have packed as much into it as anyone possibly can.
    Here's wishing you marvelous sprouts from all your seeds and a warm and sunny season for growing. Thank you so very much for following my blog. I am over joyed to have you as my newest blogging sister.
    Connie :)


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