Saturday, March 9, 2013


 It seems that spring is on it's way to my little corner of the world...

As I sit here at the computer on this sunny, bright Saturday morning, the sun is creeping up and the skies are completely blue... not a cloud in sight.

Of course, I should be careful what I say and not "jinx" it... I was recently bragging about never getting sick just to end up there last weekend.... yes, on a weekend no less!  So basically all my plans for picking up Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and getting to work on my Craigslist find were pushed back a week.

I decided upon Coco for my color.  I read that outside of the US this color is named Old Linen.  I selected this color because I had decided to go a different route for the interior, but you'll have to wait to see it finished to find out what that route is...

I painted the first coat in straight Coco...

This little sample of the second coat is mixed 2 parts Coco to 1 part Pure White.  Right now I'm debating on the mix of the third (and hopefully final) coat that I'm going to paint before heading outside for a day in the gardens.

 We're supposed to reach the mid-fifties today and with sunshine that should feel pretty fabulous!

My flower beds have been neglected and need some work.

As does the vegetable garden spot.

So I'll be breaking out my garden gloves... I'm a Nitrile glove fan... how about you?  Gloves or no gloves?

Oh, and in my little spin around the place in my pjs with my camera I realized that I forgot to show you this "new" project my husband came home with around the end of January... something to tinker around with...  in all of his spare time!

And my spare time?
Well I'll just enjoy this sunshine-y day in any way I can,


  1. Beautiful Farm... thank you for sharing

  2. Pretty cloche! I'm always looking for ideas for mine. It is still so iffy here weather wise to start spring cleanup and we have a big job since we didn't do much last fall. ;-D

    Love what you are doing with the cabinet, I've never seen that color. I'm excited to see it finished!


  3. Loved these pictures on a rainy morning in Kansas... they were a breath of fresh air... and the header picture is cool!

  4. Oh I'm so envious that you have so much green in your yard!! We're still inundated with snow... but it's sunny and warmish so I really can't complain!

    Love your tulips, the project for your hubby looks awesome! and your cabinet is gorgeous - can't wait to see the final version!


  5. Your new treasure is looking great. Love the cloche in your first photo! I am enjoying this beautiful weather too!

  6. I will take pink tulips over a rusty old truck any day. (I bet your hubby will have fun puttering with it though!)

  7. We spent a few hours outside today puttering in the flower beds. The sunshine felt divine! ... Loving the cabinet and the signs of spring. And oh my, that truck is very cool!

  8. Love it . Nice colour . Oh that old truck is a beaut looks like an old late 1930's early 40's ford . I used to be a vintage truck enthusiast when I was younger bit rusty now lol ! Your property and flowers are lovely as are your photos ! Have a good evening !

  9. Wasn't the sun fabulous! We are back to overcast today! How about you?
    So excited to see your great piece! I have those same knobs on a cabinet here! Love them!

  10. p.s. Love your truck...and BARN!

  11. Love your cabinet!! So glad that spring is almost here!! That truck is going to be a fun project for your husband!! Such a neat treasure!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather


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